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20 Min Exercise Routines At Home To Do Everyday

Can you exercise for 20 mins everyday? If so, today’s workout is something you’ll enjoy! This workout is a full-body exercise that is …

46 thoughts on “20 Min Exercise Routines At Home To Do Everyday

  1. I love this work out cause it’s affecting my whole body not just a particular part of my body.. I’m already having body pain😅❤

  2. This work out 💪🏻 got me sweating ! Wohoo 🎉 This is my favorite channel on YouTube to workout and has so many videos to do and try

  3. Does it help to remove belly fat?

  4. Faith Makura says:

    How can i improve on squatting exercises
    They are painful to me

  5. Liked it fantastic excercise

  6. Yasmine says:

    Morning workout les go

  7. Super😘😚😚😚

  8. arun phadke says:

    is this only for ladies?

  9. WE ROCK says:

    Can we do this exercise during menstruation?

  10. Meh… too lazy for this

  11. Kamna Sharma says:

    Is this exercise helpful for height increase also ?

  12. Anjali Patel says:

    I want exercise only for fitness not for weight loss so can I continue it ?

  13. I am younger and considered over weight and the ones I just couldn’t do I just ran in place I hope that actually ok

  14. Okay says:

    I’m gonna do this for a whole month pls pray that I have the motivation to do it

    (Remind me tomorrow)

  15. shawty😋 says:

    Just finished this workout 😥😋I feel so frikin awesome and it hit spot 😄love this vid right here🤗😥

  16. kazi nusrat says:

    How is helpful it?

  17. Zaara khan says:

    Please tell me this exercise I doing in evening so this is good to me?

  18. I am not fat i am skinny lolz🌚 my father said to me to do exercise regularly its good for womens lol😗so i tried this its good 🌚

  19. Palak says:

    Date :24 / July / 2021 I will meet 24 August ….I will tell u results 🙏😊❤️

  20. manoj sharma says:

    Thanks for Exercise

  21. These exercises are beneficial for what

  22. Even this exercise children can do plz replay

  23. Urooj Fatima says:

    Can I drink water after. This exercise???

  24. Palak says:

    I am just 20 can I did this ….. after' eating something or not…🙄

  25. I loose my 1 kg in 2weeks thank you very very very much Roberta's gym!

  26. Excercise morning 7pm chayum

  27. When Roberta gym. Excercise simple very so much thank you

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  29. Rajasree P says:

    I have 2 doubts.. Pls reply mee plzz
    1) can we do this workout at any time?
    2)if i did this workout today morning, can i do this tommorow evening…???

  30. Daily I do this .thank you

  31. jyoti jha says:

    I use this ex on Sunday it's really nice…

  32. Hey you have no dress to wear

  33. glamstudio says:

    Is this workout for beginner? I am doing it last 3 days and feel vomet during mid … is there any expert please guide me

  34. Hanna Janine says:

    like these im so slim now

  35. hi Ms roberta thankyou for this video, this is my first time to do workout and i love it , i just want to ask if it is okei to drink cold water during and after the workout ? pls answer me .thankyou .

  36. Tj Daimond says:

    Thanks a lot. But how can I download this ex's ?????

  37. btsarmy hoby says:

    Hi I have some questions I am sixteen years old I am doing this exercise for two days without warming myself up I mean a sock exercise that takes fifteen minutes to get my body ready I am not going to start this right awayShould i do And this exercise, which lasts twenty minutes a day, hurts my stomach. I mean, two fingers on the top of the abdomen are hurting, here's my question.?

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