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Kegel Exercises for Men AFTER Prostate Surgery

These Kegel exercises can stop bladder leakage fast after prostate removal surgery. Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Michelle guides …

48 thoughts on “Kegel Exercises for Men AFTER Prostate Surgery

  1. View all Michelle's Kegels for Men free YouTube videos (strengthening, ED, prostate surgery, real time workout & more) here I sincerely hope these videos make your life a better place to be, with regards Michelle

  2. ken peach says:

    Thank you just removed yesterday your instructions help greatly over written ones doctor gave me,

  3. Ian McColl says:

    Michelle is there an advantage to doing these exercises BEFORE a prostatectomy?

  4. just had my prostate removed, I hope that your advise will help me. At 77 it's hit me hard. Thanks

  5. I started mine before the surgery. made all the difference never had any leaks

  6. John Goerner says:

    I've done these prior to my prostatectomy 2 weeks ago. Catheter removed a couple days ago, and minimal to no leakage. I'm continuing the kegals. Very happy so far.!

  7. A strong piece of advice for any man doing Kegals before and after a prostectomy, don't overwork those muscles in hoping for quicker results. Overworking them can possibly make the incontinence worse and in some cases, permanently. I found out the hard way.

  8. Jeff H says:

    Outstanding and cute too.

  9. I have one question for you. How the heck do you make your penis shrink?

  10. When had my catheter out yesterday they told me to do these constantly. Surely as a muscle one can over do it am I right or wrong please

  11. I would like to receive material please

  12. Doug Keenan says:

    Thanks for these pelvic floor exercise videos, Michelle. I first learned of your videos after doing a search on pelvic floor exercises back in October 2021. My question for you is:  What should be my pelvic floor routine, relative to your two (2) videos that cover “AFTER Prostate Surgery”, a prostatectomy? I had a HoLEP procedure done on May 24, 2022 for BPH / oversize prostate, which was 70-90cc – xtra large. Cheers!

  13. kandalam rao says:

    Can we do physical exercises also while doing the kegel exercises? Will it increase the leak?

  14. Hi it’s only in sit to stand ther is dribbling of urine rest all no problem

  15. I have undergone prostatectomy in November 21. Now I have been tested PSA as 0.44 ng/ml . Is it OK or should be minimal. What exercise can I do to recover fully. Pl suggest.

  16. I would like to shsre an accidental epiphany that might help other people. Recently I was looking to get my exercise walks in but the weather was bad so I decided to climb the stairs up and down. The effect was nothing less than miraculous. I have much better control than I had. It is not perfect but it is getting much better. I have been doing all the exercises that a physical therapist prescribed with little to no effect. I know walk my stairs 20×3 times a day. I walk the steps slowly so as to work the muscles. I don't know if it will help everyone but it sure has helped me

  17. I have undergone HOLEP for prostrate 2.75 years ago.right after my catheter removal i am dripping.I am advised to do keigel exercise and doing it 3times each 50 counts.very slow improvement.still dripping.night times I have control day when iam active it is not in control.stand up iam started using penis clamp(3 days gone i feel better now. I want to know is there any permanent solution.

  18. Bruce Stobie says:

    Dear Michelle: getting stronger — in many dimensions- with your great videos. It's been a harsh ride with prostate cancer and recent prostectomy. #1 Cancer is luckily isolated to my former body part — Yes cancer screening and early detection are key!!!! #2: Early days on the journey towards bladder control. I have your excellent roadmap to follow. I want to get back to outdoor adventures and I trust this info will be a tool to get me back. Thank you for making a difference by who you are and what you do!

  19. s k says:

    Easy to understand and follow. Thanks

  20. I am not post surgery but have trouble holding back when I need to pee. I get strong urge and can't hold it back. Very frustrating. Will these exercises work for me as well, or what can you recommend?

  21. It’s been 3 months and he hasn’t moved even taking teldalifil 5 mg. I’ve had no erectioms or movement since the surgery. I got sick for a couple weeks after starting the Kegel. I have anxiety on top of having a new girlfriend. Can you have an erection if you are leaking or does it have to stop. I’ve tried masturbating but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m worried I can’t have sex again and I’m so ready???

  22. Hi Michelle, loved you video. I will start these today. i have not yet had surgery but was wondering about your thoughts on cycling and has it have a negative effect on the prostate. best regards.

  23. Thank You, I have a prostatectomy several weeks ago and have made a great recovery, it’s changed my life. If I can strengthen my pelvic floor I am going to be the happiest man alive ❤️

  24. I wish I had run across this channel before.

  25. Glenn Reed says:

    More peines exercises

  26. What a great virtual work out! Please keep sending me these videos that you produce. You are an awesome therapist

  27. All of your videos are very good I specially like the one that you use the timer with now that I’ve started to do the Keagle exercises I’ve noticed that I sleep better and have less leakage.

  28. Hello, I’m looking for exercises to help after hemorrhoid surgery, I am a male who likes to weight lift and want to avoid getting them again. Works kegels be ideal?

  29. Michelle is it OK to have the Botox muscles contract while pelvic floor muscles are being contracted? Next question he’s non alcohol beer a bladder irritant?

  30. Thanks Michelle this is so well done and so easy to follow. I felt like I was in front of a therapist which I was. Your gentle technique is really amazing and I have seen results even in the first few days

  31. Cvp764 says:

    Recently had my prostate removed in a Major well know Hospital and i was given a pamphlet for Female kegel exercises and was sent on my way.
    SO Thank you very much !

  32. Very helpful, thank you.

  33. Kent Few says:

    I am new at this routine. I was not aware of this prior to having my prostate surgery so this has been very helpful to learn. I will be doing these steps regularly to help with bladder control

  34. Thank you so much Michelle!

  35. mpbsa says:

    Very nicely explained. Thank you!!

  36. Coopers Race says:

    Hi Michelle. I am scheduled for surgery this month and have been doing the exercises for the past 2 weeks in preparation. Post surgery, will I need to do these exercises for the rest of my life or just whilst the muscles strengthen?

  37. kevin aubrey says:

    Thank you Michelle! 💐

  38. Please provide animation mam??

  39. I had a radical prostatectomy nearly a year ago, and another surgery 12/31/19 to correct blockage in the urethra where it connects to the bladder. Had to be catheterized 4 times during a period of 8 weeks, with catheter in 4 weeks in total but not consecutive weeks. Been doing Kegels since January, but still have stress incontinence 10 months later. I'm dry all night and have been for months. I was not doing the exercises correctly until I found your videos in late April (my surgeon just handed me a thin pamphlet that didn't explain things very well and had no one show me how to do them properly). Have improved since then watching all your videos, albeit VERY slowly. I am very physically active and leak whenever I do yardwork, workout at gym, play sports, etc. Still using 2-3 Depends per day. I am confident that my technique is correct, and my breathing is proper. I currently do alternating sets of 10 fast and 10 long hold (10-seconds) standing, sitting and lying down for a total of 120 Kegels per day. Should I continue the alternating positions, or would doing all standing be better? Or should I locate a pelvic floor physiotherapist and follow an individualized plan? My surgeon wants to refer me to another surgeon in his practice for the bladder sling surgery? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  40. wayne Last says:

    I love your video style and content. And I think I isolated the muscle that controls the "turtle movement". But it is confusing what muscle "stops the urine flow" . Is it the same one as the muscle thats "stops passing gas" ? Is it the same one I feel around my anus or to "hold my bowel movement" ?

  41. wayne Last says:

    1st and 2nd day after removing my catheter and I have zero control. I didnt think it would be this bad. But for some reason when I am sleeping or lying flat I have control and I can wake up and pee normally? I am working on my exercises now.

  42. Thank you 🙏❤️!

  43. wayne Last says:

    I can feel it. Its working.

  44. wayne Last says:

    IM trying to be adult and professional but the turtle image was too funny but helpful

  45. wayne Last says:

    I am confused about something. After the prostate is removed, do we have to do pelvic floor muscle activation all the time to stop urine leakage? Or does the bladder only push urine occasionally or when full?

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