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4 Things NOBODY Tells You About Fat Loss (AVOID MISTAKES!)

Losing weight is tricky. It’s a proven fact that the vast majority of people who attempt a diet to lose fat fail. Despite the many …

48 thoughts on “4 Things NOBODY Tells You About Fat Loss (AVOID MISTAKES!)

  1. Hope you enjoyed this one! You can view the full written article here as well: https://builtwithscience.com/weight-loss-avoid-mistakes/ . Big thanks to some of our BWS members for sharing their stories! I hope this help put the journey into perspective for you guys. Let me know what you want to see next! Cheers!

  2. Watchdog says:

    In 2020 I lost 30kg in about 8 weeks, despite eating 3x/day but healthier, moving just a bit more and no sweets and candy due to a stationary stay in psychiatry.
    And boooy, did my cake vanished 😂. Tailbone payne after 3min of sitting even on padded chairs 😩.
    Working out now since roughly a month, cake got back in the form of muscles and of course while my legs get more lean, despite of doing only 160 Squats a week, the rest upper body, the Manboobs and belly stays 😑😅
    So, it's true, the core fat goes last 😅

    Yeah, weight yourself after taking a dump, it's up to 500g 😅
    Also go by physique, not by scale, i didn't lost a lb but can feel the muscles under the fat more and more. 👍😊

  3. Carlos says:

    12% fat in 3-4weeks is ok for guys 6.4 tall, whilst for 5.5 tall almost impossible in double that time. Everybody is different

  4. Gaston Coma says:

    GAINING WEIGHT: I am keen to gain weight and muscle. It has fluctuated as per the video. Started in the 86kg range and finished within the 88Kg range. However, it seems to want to stay at that level. Food: more than 6 eggs every morning, lots of fish weekly also chicken. Excercises with weights three times a week.What reallly boosted up was weight gain supplements. Take this daily too. I don't think there is any more it could be done. Some people struggle to gain weight/muscle especially if you are tall. Nobody talks about this.

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  6. Greg Brady says:

    What is your accent ?

  7. Anyone that pays attention to anything scientific knows that alpha and beta are incorrect terms. The terms used by morons, trying to make up for their own insecurity.

  8. Pleasee do a video on fat burners

  9. I've been using a body composition scale. This tells me the gain/loss in muscle as well as water and fat.

  10. Suengnyang A says:

    Thanks for mentioning both women and men

  11. Pretty sure the weight at 3:58 is in kilogram and not in pounds as stated.

  12. 8:45 I'm not totally convinced. As a hardgainer increasing my protein will make me struggle to get in more calories. The study compared 1.1g/lb to 0.4g/lb. Ofcourse 1.1g/lb is going to be better than 0.4/lb, they should have had a group that ate 0.7g/lb for comparison. I would guess they would be in between but closer to the 1.1g/lb.

  13. Ali JD says:

    ShortCut : reduce your intake of your daily calories and eat more protein and hit your muscles twice a week and you'll get the best version of your self ✊🏻👍

  14. Loki says:

    I watched an article that said more than 2g of protein per kg can be harmful for your body (1.1g/lb means more than 2.2 g per kg). A prolonged overdosis of protein can lead to problems with your bones and other stuff. Pls dont recommend this much amount in your videos and maybe reupload it, bc this information is not only wro g but also dangerous!!

  15. simpolang says:

    What you hear all the time…..

    It's not about what's at the end of the road but the journey to get there.

    Apply this to your mindset and you could make this long term and not just give up after time

  16. carson meyer says:

    I won’t fail tho that’s the thing

  17. GVBRIEL says:

    Hey there guys. Just wanted some advice for someone who is on the 19-23% body fat. I’m 22 and right now I’ve incorporated a calorie deficit to encourage fat loss. The issue I have is that my goal is a body recomp. So I know that for a body recomp, you need to be in a calorie deficit, have a sufficient amount of protein everyday, and incorporate strength training. My issue is that I work a physically taxing job (a salesman) and my job requires a huge amount of walking and standing. How do I incorporate strength training at home. Also, my muscles seem quite weak when I do push-ups and any Calisthenics. Is creatine a good option if I want to strengthen muscles with Calisthenics for hypertrophy gains?

  18. Don't waste your time with this video

  19. byMagix says:


    -volatility in measuring due to water intake
    -eat protein

  20. I had this happen a little while ago. I plateaued for a while and I was feeling down but I just kept working and wearing baggy clothes lol seems to be back on track now. Down 2 pant sizes.

  21. M Cintron says:

    Could you get to the god forsaken point ?

  22. People seem to overlook maintaining a weight you are happy with and if you decide to gain weight. Gain weigh your happy with and also don't mind loosing.

  23. Bodhi Yoga says:

    Good but you didn’t tell us how to activate the Beta receptor 🤷🏻‍♂️

  24. That graph is how my weight loss chart looks. I weight everyday exactly how you say. I see mild fluctuations. I have lost 140lbs and just need to get rid of my stomach and love handles. I have lost a lot in those areas but just have some stubborn fat left. But like this video says I increased my protein as much as possible.

  25. WhereIsIt says:

    Ah yes the 10 minute mark.

  26. dinamer2adi says:

    Very complicated video

  27. GAwwwwww….this is so useful and it actually feels really honest! Thank you. Subscribed!

  28. Sanj D says:

    Always really good content Jeremy. Thank you!

  29. Nic Lewis says:

    I have been going at this for about 2 weeks now, im a nutrition major and have calculated the exact amount of calories that my body needs, however even with decreasing my calories about 700 I am still not losing any weight. And in your video it states that I should see the most drastic measure the first couple weeks correct? Just trying to see what is going on.

  30. Arbys says:

    I'm here to hear how you do it with your own way. If i wanted to know what science says i would google and read the documentations 👎

  31. C says:

    Ty great video! I’ve been doin all of this just by kinda piecing it together over the last couple months so it great to know I’m on the right track!

  32. Archie's abs still didn't pop. He has top abs visible. And that is easy to achieve. Two lower ones are problematic for everyone. I usually love you videos and learned a lot of great stuff. But this two examples are bad. Both of people in pictures did lose the fat that is hardest to lose. I have abs like Archie. And i am 40 years old i i had 2xCheese Deluxe and a Big Mac for dinner yesterday. So that is not really something that is hard to achieve. We all know if you want 6 pack. First 4 are relatively easy to get. Last two are hell.

  33. when are we getting a video titled 4 Things NOBODY Tells You About Ugly Tattoos?

  34. Eat less move more . $99 Please send venmo

  35. Kei Otani says:

    should i buy a body fat percentage measurer? or tracking it by the parameters explained here is better?

  36. Greg Lee says:

    excellent video, all about the truth and consistency. !!

  37. Joseph Beyer says:

    I was in good shape before Carnivore but knew I wanted to step up and improve a few areas…been on it since March 2022 and no sugar(<10g) and low carbs(<50g) has helped tremendously with inflammation, improved skin, and no appetite/energy swings before or after eating. 52, 5-11 194lbs and a steady 12.5% body fat. Turkey sausage, Plain Greek Yogurt, Eggs, Shrimp, Tuna, Salmon, Sardines, and red meat a few days a week. Supplement with Whey Protein and Creatine daily…200g consumed daily…usually one 60g shake. Good luck!

  38. My 4 advices about fat loss…

    1. Dont eat shit and seek the food that is growing in ground.
    2. Stretch everyday and after every work out.
    3. Calories = fuel, not fat if you use it.
    4. Your game is loading? Making a cup of coffe? Make few situps, your heart will thank you.

  39. Johnboy1922 says:

    Excellent thanks❤😊

  40. Matta A says:

    Bulid more muscle. That's the fastest way.

  41. 2 minutes going around one idea? Nice try, im out

  42. Moe Faez says:

    Jeremy tq for the tips & advice

  43. Always … he never fails to take my breath away with his illustrations… slides … it’s not easy to forget with those expressions and the animated presentation !! Am pumped 💪

  44. Leōn says:

    What a useless video. Pretty much an ad

  45. SlapKFD says:

    I'm on my 3rd time cutting in my life at 44 years old. Went from 247 to 220 in about 2 months and then started to get upset because for about 3 weeks I was stuck at 220. Just kept at it and finally this morning I'm down to 218. Sometimes you just gotta shock your body by either adding more or switching up exercise, or what I do is after I plateau for a few weeks on my diet and work out, I take a weekend off and go off my diet and eat whatever I want so I take in a shit ton of calories for a day. Then I go back to my routine and it always works for me

  46. Kevin Le says:

    I've fluctuated as much as 10lbs in a day from eating like a degenerate.

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