Peanut Dressing | the most delicious salad dressing ever!

shorts Incredibly easy and flavorful, this smooth and creamy Peanut Salad Dressing is the perfect healthy topping for peanut …

10 thoughts on “Peanut Dressing | the most delicious salad dressing ever!

  1. YNG says:

    Gotta love nylon string guitar

  2. Thanks for the recipe.I will try it. Can you please tell me if it can be stored in fridge ? If yes, then for how many days ?

  3. Squirt Kita says:

    Will you please give the measurements! It really looks yummy.

  4. Can you post the measurements, please

  5. I don’t see a description box, so I can’t get the measurements of the ingredients. I would sure love to try this recipe.

  6. Dad's Dishes says:

    Wow this might really be the best salad dressing

  7. E G says:

    Looks yummy. What are the measurements for ingredients.

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