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5 Minute Workout | Get Rid Of Chest Fat + Man Boobs In 14 Days

Get rid of chest fat and man boobs in 14 days with this easy 5 minute exercise which you can do it daily at home to burn chest fat.

41 thoughts on “5 Minute Workout | Get Rid Of Chest Fat + Man Boobs In 14 Days

  1. Can we get 100,000K likes on this video? We will release another 5 minute workout to get rid of annoying chest fat after 100K likes! 💪

  2. Day one! Lets get to 2 weeks!😊

  3. Hi today I started this workout next in Bo coment when I lose chest fat

  4. @kanha&+& says:

    1.2.3 day complete

  5. Noo effect pleez new workout upload please 😢

  6. blizbway says:

    Day 1 complete 💯

  7. Hey guys i am doing this exercise for 5 days see no changes should i add something in my diet and how much water shoul i drink in a day and guys i eat lot off junk food i am fat ask please guyz someone tell me what shoul i eat in my breakfast and what shoul i eat in my lunch and what should i eat in my dinner please help :,) .

  8. Uknow Malik says:

    Wall pulses what's the use???

  9. Sir I will start this workout from tomorrow and then I will come and comment and tell you the change after 15 days

  10. I'm doing it from last 10days continuously but still can't get a result please give me another solution

  11. Going to start my journey now.

  12. Literally day 1 I lost nipple fat instead of being flat or smushed in they literally are sticking out and my in entire shoulder and chest feels improved beyond satisfied with this knowledgeable exercise

  13. Ifti Jaman says:

    Started today.
    13.04.2023- Feels only severe pain and no noticeable changes.

  14. Day 1 and my shoulders are burning but the coments are so inspiring

  15. Finally some exercise to remove man boobs without equipment

  16. Xandrodist says:

    the music makes this so much better almost like a game

  17. Aghhhhh says:

    It’s been 9 days and I feel a change in my chest. So if you read this thank you

  18. What if we have gynecomastia will it still work?

  19. ZionRed says:

    good workout, terrible music

  20. txmdc says:


  21. SUSHRUT says:

    This actually shows results thankyou so much

  22. Wannoo says:

    Day 1 ( 4 – 10 -2023 )
    "Did it 2 times this morning might aswell do 2 more later"
    "I did it 2 times and added push ups this night"

  23. SANDHU99 says:

    Starting- 5/04/2023

  24. Chris Playz says:

    guys this work I can see my progress 😊

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