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Upper Body Workout with Dumbbells at Home in 10 Minutes! Grab your dumbbells and a mat and let’s go! We will be working our …

44 thoughts on “10 Min DUMBBELL UPPER BODY WORKOUT at Home

  1. sandra blake says:

    I look so forward to tuning in to your work outs your intro is spot on, can't be easy on your own!!!
    I cant thank you enough my arms are changing ive incorporated them into my gym sessions also, I actually look like i know what im doing 😅 even one of the PT in my gym to whom I haven't seen since before lockdown has commented how good im looking, and thats thanks to you xxx

  2. Hirnsaegen says:

    nice add on to another upper body or as a little active break during your day

  3. Carla Adams says:

    Just as enjoyable as hanging out with friends. I almost forgot this was a work-out😅

  4. Missy Missy says:

    Perfect! What a great way to break my hiatus from the gym. It's time to get back to it!!💪

  5. Thanks for doing this! Added to my one-mile walk! Starting over again!

  6. Why no matter how I have my back, it always hurts?? I have a flat back and it hurts so I tuck my bum under and it still hurts!? 😩

  7. I watch you on YouTube. I like your workouts. You do all the thinking!

  8. Be Chị says:

    I watched your video through thoroughly and when it came to the final seconds at the end i was enlightened at how that figet spinner spurred

  9. Loni D says:

    fantastic workout when one doesn't have much time, thank you!! 👍😊💪

  10. Beth Correa says:

    Perfect workout for a time crunch: I like all the options you offer especially since I'm on a tight schedule with an infant to care for. this 10 min. dumb bell workout actually made me sweat a little.

  11. Mama- -Rua says:

    I've been working out for a year with dumbbells I love it especially now I've come across your channel a few weeks ago.

  12. Is my lower back supposed to hurt for the first one? 😭😭😭😭

  13. Saima Khan says:

    It was my first day of doing this i will be trying to do it for one month hopefully

  14. prachi doshi says:

    What weights are being used in this workout

  15. posh0610 says:

    64 year old male and I loved it,thanks.

  16. Awesome 10 minutes 😁👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🥰

  17. Sarah Sturm says:

    I love this one. It’s harder when I just ate lunch. This goes by really fast. Worked up a good sweat.

  18. Marath Men says:

    You give me hope, I’m so excited to get started. ❤

  19. Sara says:

    Will this help to lose chest fat

  20. Hi U says:

    I’m not even in my teenage years but I truly want to grow up like you. You are very fit, and workout a lot.

  21. My first upper body workout 💪
    Really enjoyed it thank you 😊

  22. Excellent work outs….. I love u

  23. P.J. Miller says:

    Loved it! Will include this in my regular routine. Thanks so much!

  24. This is a great workout!!

  25. P-Ro Jones says:

    really great thank you!

  26. I enjoy your workouts!!! With you and my neora products, I’ll be fit and healthy!

  27. you're so gorgeous and I love how you "lipsplain" the exercise during the video, I love your arm workouts with dumbbells!!!

  28. Annetos says:

    I hate my spaghetti arms

  29. Sonia Santoa says:

    Obg Carol TREINO maravilhoso

  30. This was awesome!! I am now subscribed!! Ty ☺️

  31. mamylicious says:

    thank you xoxox no word. starting my journey and this is a gem

  32. Thank you, Caroline! I'from Brazil! Wonderful workout!

  33. an dinhthe says:

    I loved the part where she went : It truly has been a Kitchen Nightmare

  34. 👩🏻‍🌾53 year old woman! 🧚🏻‍♀️From US !! You rock !! Love love this video!
    Thank you ❤❤❤

  35. When it comes to cooking Gordon is an absolute expert at roasting literally anyone for the flaws in their approach to it

  36. what are your recommended supplements?

  37. Natalie W says:

    Super 10min upper bod workout – thank you! What muscles should I be recruiting/engaging for the pullovers? Is it the lats?

  38. Vacation day!🫶✌️🫶

  39. Tee McDonald says:

    Been looking for a good upper body workout. I think I’ve found it. Thank you so much!

  40. Yju says:

    중. 고중량으로 해야함

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