Recreational Marijuana

Missouri voters pass Amendment 3 to legalize recreational marijuana

Missouri voters approved Constitutional Amendment 3. The amendment proposed the legalization of the sale of recreational …

24 thoughts on “Missouri voters pass Amendment 3 to legalize recreational marijuana

  1. relevation0 says:

    Shouldn't be illegal anywhere, ridiculous 🙄

  2. Mar Mie says:


  3. levelengine says:

    This is bullshit. Me and the homies are gonna have to start selling crack just to get by 😔

  4. They now want it to be 60 percent to pass because they eant the will of them not the people.
    If they do change it the people need to do thr same for them to get elected if they dont get 60 percent then they can not be elected and a new election without the non 60 percent loser being able to run again. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.
    They dont understand at all that they are there to see that the will of the people is carried out not the will of themselves.
    But perhaps it will make people understand that they have to elect people who will listen to their state not party politics or self interest politicians.

  5. T Z says:

    Great, day zombies and the perpetual smell of skunk ass

  6. The beginning of the end for ALL Missourians! Missourians are Already the stupidest people on the planet!

  7. WILD CHILD says:

    Can't pass a piss test . Thay wil make you turn your guns in .

  8. Billy Bob says:

    Oh yea I'm going to start smoking all day everyday.

  9. Congrats Missouri!!!!!!!! Love from from Florida

  10. Looking at the map in the thumbnail, it's apparently evident that rural folks just hate marijuana, I guess they're still stuck in the '80s reganite era where "drugs are bad for you", goes to show you that farm folks are just disconnected from reality and what's acceptable, screw the religious things that they want to believe in

  11. Love to see it. 0 overdoses of Marijuana, it's a cheap alternative to pain meds, and a much needed source of tax revenue and a good tax savings by decreasing the amount of legal resources wasted on pursing legal action on such a low level substance which I'd say is less harmful than alcohol. That said i still wrong be buying because I'm not much of a smoker. Maybe like once every 6 months

  12. Diogenes says:

    What is this telling the surrounding states that still consider it illegal? Entering & leaving Missouri might just be an opportunity for adjoining state drug enforcement task forces to expand. Border stops & searches will be like banana republic countries. If you have never travelled in Central America you just might be in for a taste of it here in the good ol US. Getting caught with Contraband is a big thing in Central America & can get you cuffed & imprisoned for years. There will be drug sniffing dogs at those border crossings. Impulse may have overridden the logic of surrounding state attitudes & laws.

  13. Jeremy says:

    Don't get to happy. We tried to get medical in Mississippi three years ago, but we were told that was wrong. Hahaha.

  14. This might be a huge kick in the nuts for Kansas law enforcement.

  15. Let me tell you what they are doing with the tax money in Illinois > abortion clinics > bullshit like this

  16. slotman says:

    Arkansas sucks to many cops

  17. t gre says:

    Legal if you get some bs card.

  18. CJ wrld says:

    Thank you Missouri 💯this is going to be wonderfull

  19. CR1545 says:

    wow i am surprised but i do understand most Republicans believe in Freedom that is probably why they passed it.

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