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Gluten Free | what I eat in a week ( simple, healthy meal ideas! )

Hey friends and welcome!! I decided to eat completely gluten free this week and here are the simple healthy meal ideas I came …

29 thoughts on “Gluten Free | what I eat in a week ( simple, healthy meal ideas! )

  1. Sam Kozun says:

    K but I actually love using pb2 for my peanut sauces hahah it mixes to easy compared to peanut butter I find!!

  2. MochiiAnj says:

    heyy! my family name is like yours, except my r's and e's are switched around <3 mine it's Ayres 😀

  3. As a vegan I don’t recommend can foods

  4. Aneta Kulas says:

    Dlaczego nie ma Polskiego tłumaczenia włączonego ?? 😔😔😔😔

  5. Your voice is beautiful!!! Did you ever sing professionally?

  6. I just found your channel and oh my god can we be best friends?? your energy is amazing i get such a lovely welcoming vibe from you which is so rare to find these days. not to mention i love how you use up all your leftovers and dont waste anything!!

  7. Austin B says:

    What happens when you eat gluten

  8. I'm not usually one for over sharing but I've just finished my first week of chemotherapy and I won't lie I'm scared of how it's affecting me, but your enthusiasm for the topic helped put my mind at ease. So thank you, you have no idea how much I needed this today

  9. where do you buy your brown rice pasta? I love what you do, you are such an inspiration to take care of ourselves and nourish our bodies🥙! I love you ❤

  10. I love all of your videos and I always get stuck in a loop watching them over and over again and I forget to hit the like button!!! So please please, don’t feel bad or weird reminding me!!!!! 😂❤

  11. They make gluten free Oreos now! At least here in the states 😊

  12. Lol I love ur videos so funny aha I do that too I make my life a song sometimes you have a great singing voice made my day aha 😄

  13. So nice recipes! a lot to learn from you <3

  14. "My friend, stop day dreaming Julia"🥺😂😂😂

  15. Absolutely love that you wrote the ingrediënts but also the instructions down. Thank you.

  16. Eh, still too much processed stuff

  17. Clarisa Hall says:

    you are literally my comfort haha. such a genuine soul<3 love seeing you!!thank you for being so inspiring and spreading your beauty with us !!

  18. Rachel Irvin says:

    Love your vidoes! They inspire me to add more fruits and veggies into my diet.

  19. excited about your "friend" 🙂

  20. yumm everything looked amazing!

  21. I LOVE YOUR VIDS but… I'm oil free.. and high carb plant based.. I'm struggling could you do a oil free week x

  22. Tank you Julia, I've got lots of new ideas for cooking the next week :))

  23. A B says:

    I love how your videography, presentation style and editing skills just keep evolving and becoming even better. Absolutely lovely work, Julia!

  24. K says:

    YUMMMM, thanks for sharing! ✨☀️💛🔆

  25. HelloItsLi says:

    Hi Julia! Your videos are such a breath of fresh air. I'm glad you are doing your best to try and set some boundaries. It can be difficult keeping personal life personal. I read something profound recently that stuck with me: "Draw your boundaries with sharpie, not chalk" – John Kim. Love you so much! Thank you for all you do!

  26. 9:30 yes yes yes. Main reason because I'm a musician but yes 🤣

  27. Sina Robyn says:

    So you’re telling me you are not a singer? Or at least sing as a hobbie?? Are you kidding me. I played that singing freestyle a good few times and jammed to it. Like girl, I’m a singer and I will take that melody you sang and turn it into a song, I’m not kidding! Your voice is crystal clear with such a STUNNING tone. You really need to know that you are very talented. And you’re telling me you free-styled that melody? woah 😮😮😮

  28. A J Somebody says:

    Still loving the AG1 edits every time!

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