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Easy And Impressive Chicken Dinners Anyone Can Make • Tasty

Need to brush up your cooking skills? We’re here to help! Anyone can make these easy and impressive chicken dinners.

20 thoughts on “Easy And Impressive Chicken Dinners Anyone Can Make • Tasty

  1. last chicken making video I just watche I needed to put on 2x speed…this is perfectionm mamia!

  2. Michael T says:

    this all might be delicious but it is so freaking complicated and you skip so much detai.l that saying anyone can make this is kind of nonsense.

  3. Omnaecyde says:

    Is there anyone on here that actually knows how to cook and looks at these recipes only to get an idea of what they want to make and not for the recipe itself? Because these recipes are mediocre at best.

  4. Do chinese really season their chicken with sugar or is that just an american thing?

  5. It looks good but the soy …. I cant (the 1st one)

  6. HappyDays says:

    I did the chicken and tomatoe one
    I used mozzarella and spread minced garlic on the chicken before putting basil leaves on

    I'm going to put pasta on the side with the sauce I made from the roasted potatoes and half the green stuff mmm

  7. Regenerator says:

    not to self:
    do not marinade orange chicken with the cornstarch overnight
    ruined two pans lol

  8. May Saa says:

    The chicken Alfredo penne's recipe looks pretty easy and yummy I will make it as soon as possible.
    Thanx 4 sharing

  9. I just made the chicken Alfredo and it was ok. Needed more garlic and next time I'll use fresh herbs. Not a bad recipe though for a spur of the moment dinner.

  10. kk1209 says:

    That chicken chowmin one was good.

  11. That's like worst butter chicken

  12. But the first one will taste soggy and like rancid taste bcs there will be no flavour.. I tried it b4. If you still wanted to do that mince the chicken first and seasoned the chicken..

  13. ahmed asmat says:

    عمي ليش هيجي

  14. Looks good except for the part with the disgusting peppers

  15. No helpfulto see this so fast!!

  16. kristeen Co says:

    I have a question probably not exactly related to the vid but when you preheat your oven how'd you know if it's preheated enough. I mean do I have to have a thermometer to check that

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