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Over 60 Years Old Bodybuilding Style Workout With Dumbbells (JACKED GRANDPA WORKOUT!)

Over 60 Years Old Bodybuilding Style Workout With Dumbbells … Guys..age is just a number.

41 thoughts on “Over 60 Years Old Bodybuilding Style Workout With Dumbbells (JACKED GRANDPA WORKOUT!)

  1. Hey guys, in today's video I'll give you an at home workout you can do in your 50s and 60s to build muscle. Comment below and let me know what you think of this workout!

  2. Very Sound Advice!!!………Youth is not wasted on the Young!👍

  3. Ricky L says:

    I've been training for 45 years. I just turned 60. A good video but a basic law of weight training is you generally do large muscles first. I would never to biceps and triceps before Chest. It pre exhausts the weaker smaller muscles first which will make you weaker for the chest and back. Always do Back, Chest, before arms. In my humble opinion.

  4. Jean Chery says:

    Great teaching 👍

  5. Really nice video! Thanks!

  6. Mr.Mike3865 says:

    I thought this was Stallone until I heard his voice

  7. Ken Halperin says:

    Why nothing for shoulders and traps?

  8. Paul Hynes says:

    A well measured and lucid explanation …thanks

  9. I owe my years of longevity to stretching and core 30 years now

  10. Hula Kapa says:

    If you want to see a real workout from a 67 year old man check out 60+Oldfart see the amazing stuff he does that makes the young guys intimidated . check out the one dated March 3 2023 his video has no yik – yaks just all actions

  11. Juan Dilan says:

    Hello , thanks for sharing and your channel. I'm 62.5 and still enjoy lifting since about 13 years old. Quick question. When you state 3 sets of 12 reps. Does that mean that : 12 reps, 12 reps, 12 reps equals one set ? Therefore 3 sets is a total of 36 reps?

  12. I'm 57 been a lifter a good part if my life even competed from 2010to 2013but I've noticed I lost my way a bit with diet and motivation I do hit the gym 5 times a week but not getting good results due to giving up on reps to easy and going lighter then I can do please make a video on how to get back on track with everything I've mentioned love working out just need a kicking the ass

  13. don orbea says:

    Hey light bulbs straight up LAZY if you don't train abs and lower body. At 68, i have trained for decades and maintain 5 to 7 % body fat, depending on the season. Thankful for good genetics, and metabolism and you are right- diet and nutrition are key.. i cut out sugar and all bread products last year and the cravings diminish over time. Thanks for the encouraging videos. Don't forget the cardio. All total I don't spend more than and hour and a half training/cardio 5 a week. Don't need the BS in and out, done and on with a great life in JESUS.

  14. gary lauzon says:

    Hey old man . Im 61 -2 . Your bod is A bit better than mine . But watch out mr. I know these exercises …

  15. Andy Morris says:

    This isn't an academic pursuit. Too much talking, show and we will follow

  16. Paul Hanson says:

    Since taking voluntary severance from a long term job a couple of years ago, I’ve progressively become unfit and unhealthy. I watched this video and decided I need to do something to improve my overall fitness and health. At the age of 61 I joined the gym last week and are across this excellent video. I will follow this plan and see how things go. Many thanks for the inspiring video.👍

  17. Great content, Thank you.. any other ladies on here?

  18. D Gomez says:

    Awesome. Thanks friend!

  19. Very nice instructions as to form. I have been doing variations of these exercises for years now but for shorter overall time's sake I work both arms at once for example on standing biceps curl and standing rows and I use triceps press and skull crushers for both triceps at once.

    My question is it better to do the 3 sets of each exercise consecutively before moving onto next exercise?

    I have always done 1 set bench press, 1 set triceps press, 1 set chest fly, 1 set kickbacks. Then repeat the sequence 2-3 more times. Then I do a similar sequence with the next 4 exercises. I like to go 10-12 reps for the first set and 12-15 reps for subsequent sets.

    I am now 68 years old and have used dumbbells exclusively as we have lived and traveled full time in our RV for the last seven years. We generally mountain bike around the US in summer and fall and kite board in Baja all winter and spring. But it's my regular weight routines that makes these activities possible.

  20. Dancin Davey says:

    After every sentence, I feel like he’s asking me a question. See a lot of people making a question out of a comment. Must be a new Hollywood fad.

  21. MsSwap2009 says:

    Excellent , only way to do it is with precise instructions and concentration at details. Thank you a lot!

  22. Lee Davison says:

    You give agood demonstration but would do this video again with your shirt off ok. It looks as though you have a very nice physique.

  23. DJ says:

    Nice set of exercises

  24. Julia Goheen says:

    I’m seeing your video for the first time nicely done, however, looking at your site it seems to be for men. Are there any of your videos for ladies. I’m 64 and enjoy working out. I do strength training 3 days and walking or aerobics on other days.

  25. Rajiv Kapoor says:

    You looks great for your age. Many other looked fantastic too aged 60+ . Not sure what you meant by a sign behind you stating "Exhale is bullshit" . Oh man If you were not Exhaling, you could be found six feet down. No one is immortal. inhale, Exhale , dumbell, postures, sets and rounds all developed by business minded greedy people .

    Just live a simple life as people in blue zone do . Keep moving is the Mantra.

  26. Great video, awesome explanations. Thx!

  27. The guy explains techniques so well. Much appreciated

  28. Debbie Jonas says:

    I love so many things about your video. I love your calm demeanor. I love that you don't feel you have to pepper everything you say with profanity. And most importantly, what you're doing is obviously working for you.

    I do, however, have one huge caution for you, and that is the continual repetition of "12 reps, 3 sets". Not that those numbers are a bad thing. They are fine. But depending upon what weights your viewers may have handy, they can get just as effective workout, with every bit the same results, by doing, say, 10, 8, or even 6 reps with heavier weight. The real key is to come near to hitting a max rep at the end of each set, if you are going for sheer muscular growth, and I feel that you need to accentuate that more rather than make viewers feel like as long as they reach that magical number of 12 they can simply stop. The fact is, if you can do 15 reps rather than 12–do 15.

    Otherwise, job well down. Splendid tutorial video I will recommend to any client of any age, not just the older folks.

  29. Anderson C says:

    What's sad is many people just assume there's an "age limit" to when we can play sports and exercise. Many giving up on their bodies long before they should. There is no age lilmit to when we start or stop.

    So many people out there in the 2nd half of thier lives and stronger/fitter than they were in their 20's. For whatever

    Never give up… any age.

  30. Ken Dr. PH says:

    “…everybody wants to live forever…” 72 here and it absolutely works! 🙏🏼💪🏾⭐️

  31. I am getting into this workout video. I really like his careful explanations of best form to get best results. I notice he uses three different weights for different exercises: 30 pounds (14 kg) for Chest and Back Row; 20 pounds (9 kg) for Standing Bicep Curl, Seated Bicep Curl and Standing Row; 15 pounds (7 kg) for Tricep Kickback and Tricep Extension. I can’t tell the weight for Dumbbell Fly. I imagine I should use three different (and of course lower) weights for my workout. Maybe 6 kg, 5 kg and 4 kg would be a good place to start.

  32. When you state to do 3 sets of reps does that mean that you take a very short break in-between the reps or…?

  33. Blank- says:

    i'll make sure i remember these for when im 60

  34. I’m 50 thank you for your videos

  35. musicismagic says:

    To each their own. Do this incorrectly or with to much weight without a trainer. You can make a video at 70” post operation video un the rehab center “.

  36. What about women over 60?

  37. Rich Puller says:

    Im 60 and I want to go on the special sauce aka steroids. Where can I get steroids?

  38. Truthsabre7 says:

    I did too much yesterday. I can feel it

  39. Blue Bee says:

    I like Dr Doug McGuff's advice

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