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8-Week Fat Burning Meal Plan to Lose Weight (Full Recipes) | Joanna Soh

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24 thoughts on “8-Week Fat Burning Meal Plan to Lose Weight (Full Recipes) | Joanna Soh

  1. Thank you very much for your generousity, i made promises to myself to transform into my dream body this year, and end the cycle of hating and blaming myself , and your videos of 8 week plans will be a great way to get there!!! Bless you Joanna

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  12. Coily Loxs says:

    Starting the 8 week meal plan in two weeks. I need to finish eating the foods I’ve already purchased and the get my shopping list together. So excited.

  13. Can teens do this i am about 14 years old

  14. Aden Jones says:

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  15. Av Syed says:


    I find different link on bottom of pdf format of this 8 week fat burning plan, there is link for woman gaining weight on spinach fritata page and overnight oat page ? So what does it mean….

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  17. katy vega says:

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  18. I was so..bummed! when I tried to use your app it wouldn’t let me go forward because the keyboard would only give me numbers and I couldn’t put in my height.

  19. CJ DH says:

    This is very informative and you look amazingly fit, I always enjoy watching your videos. Keep it up!

  20. Hi I am new to your channel… Can you please plan such more videos for vegetarians…..no egg no meat no chicken…

  21. Bory ile says:

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