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a week of Uni student lunch box *easy recipes

Hii peeps Do you notices that foods price these day are sooo expensive. It’s a sign that we are entering to economic recession.

45 thoughts on “a week of Uni student lunch box *easy recipes

  1. Bluepine says:

    i took my grandma with me, to where i live in college, she usually gets groceries and does the cooking were as i do house hold work she also helps me like cleaning, doing the laundry etc, i cant live without her cooking our family lives together with our grandparents and cousin so she cooked for me everyday even, when we where at home!!, she makes yummy food!!

  2. I love you're video!

  3. ゆこ says:

    fellow uni student here and gosh i love this vlog it's so relaxing , , also feel u for the prices. i always feel so guilty for eating out even tho my parents tell me not to make a fuss about it. ik that money is hard to get so i try to save up as much as i can. i'm buying a bento box tomorrow and following on your footsteps on becoming a better cook lol and saving up a bit :3

  4. MGOD says:

    These are such simple delicious looking recipes. Minimal prepping involved and very resourceful! None of these ingredients are expensive. Also thank you for showing something other than chicken for protein. I love clean eating and meal prepping but it’s always chicken. Thank you so much for this video

  5. where did you get the lunchbag from ??

  6. Felicja says:

    Can you eat all these meals cold?

  7. May I ask what is the name of the first song in the beginning of your Vlog?

    It makes me feel calm while so many things happened..

  8. sdjdgdhdjks says:

    Hii! I just saw the text on that Fornetti package and I immediately knew it was in hungarian. So I had to ask: Are you living in Hungary? :3

    Edit: (Oh nvm I saw that others commented similar things like me about whether you studying in Hungary or not, so don't mind this comment)

  9. Nozomin says:

    Love this ❤ What Bento Box & Bag are you using?

  10. I love this thank you so simple!! Idk how to cook at all lolll but I’m going to make these for me and my bf

  11. taecup says:

    where did u get that lunchbox from tho

  12. hannah says:

    this is so cool and inspiring! will try some of those for sure 🙂

  13. helena hel says:

    Ill have to accept the challenge to try these out whilst making them vegetarian, thanks for sharing ! May i ask where you got this lockandlock bag for the tupperware ?(couldnt find it and it looks cute)

  14. zsoltika says:

    Wait!!! Are you studying in Hungary? 😯😯

  15. E Jones says:

    yum! love how these are easy to supplement for vegetarians

  16. Renismay says:

    as a student who wishes to go abroad which countries do u suggest? cause I am Indian and really want to go to japan for my bachelor's degree in design but idk what to do anyone have suggestions?

  17. Me han gustado mucho sus LONCHERAS, tiene usted mucha CREATIVIDAD
    ¡¡¡ FELICIDADES !!!
    Conxita ^:^  tedeternura

  18. B. Bogii says:

    0:19 YOU WERE IN HUNGARY???? :O

  19. Mizuki Iwata says:

    OMG this is literally goals! this is super inspiring, I'm buying myself a bento box

  20. Looks sooo goood! Pls send the link for the food containers huhuu thanks🧡

  21. Please can you tell me where you got the lunchbox? Really want this type of lunchbox.

  22. Lee Hee says:

    Does anyone know what's the font name of the texts she used?

  23. It really helps me a lot💗🎀 tysm for this 😽

  24. kurapikachu says:

    how do you make the rice ?

  25. Michelle M says:

    You can cut broccoli stalk thin and make tempura or broccoli soup

  26. so diligent! and the lunch box looks great

  27. mei says:

    what are the measurements for the ingredients ? =^ ^=

  28. I want one of those Lunchbox

  29. more of these if you can please? x

  30. Mars says:

    pls where are your bento boxes and lunch bag from ?

  31. Raisa Mahmud says:

    The tuna riceballs look so good omg

  32. very good brokley preparation and tasty

  33. I loved this video! I need to save money as well andan love your meal ideas! Where did you get your lunchbox and container?

  34. FiOn@ says:

    This looks so refreshing and good, you made me even want to go and get those lunch boxes. 😂

  35. Liliana J. says:

    all of these look so so good!!! 🤤 and so easy to make!

    (also, do you live in Hungary? asking because that the words on the bacon's package are written in Hungarian 😅)

  36. stra nger says:

    do u get full by only eating that ? hm this is a real challenge for me lol

  37. pin:) says:

    ตอนแรกสงสัยว่าใช่คนไทยรึเปล่าตั้งแต่วิธีปอกกระเทียม มาถึงการใช้ซอสที่เป็นส่วยผสมในอาหารไทย จนมั่นใจที่มากตอนทำกะเพราเลยค่ะ แต่ถึงจะใช่หรือไม่ใช่อาหารก็น่ากินทุกจานเลย😊

  38. It looks awesome thank you!!!

  39. I think homemade food is more delicious! 🙂 lovely video and I'm a new subscriber. ❤

  40. Joely Lin says:

    I have been looking for a lunch box for a while now. Where is the lunch box from its soo cute and functional

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