Workout For Women


This workout targets the waist and abs using cardio & toning exercises. Get a smaller waist by increasing your calorie deficit …

29 thoughts on “🔥SMALLER WAIST & FLAT BELLY | Home Workout🔥30 Min Standing Workout🔥NO JUMPING TABATA WORKOUT🔥

  1. Hi … this was the best exercise for me… i lost 5 pounds … and it work out for me, my 34 waist become 28😍 and i cant believe it, it works… but ofcourse you need extra diet for the best result… thank you so much … looking forward for another routine exercise… love you

  2. Stephen Pawi says:

    love this workout🥰

  3. This is the only work out that made me sweat fast and after that my knees are aching and I can't even step on our stairs.

  4. Hi this is my 2nd day exercise..I hope I can get lose weight I'm 129lbs and I'm lose hope to lose weight..I hope this exercise can help me..🥰

  5. I Love your exersice easy to follow and so good ❤️

  6. Hii This is my first time belley fact workout uff iam verry tried

  7. FunnyBunn says:

    Day 1 25 MN 94kl let's see Ill go back to this after a month or 2

  8. Mac Do blog says:

    Super best exercise

  9. I did it with breaks
    I am a men
    Wow what a work out
    Felt great
    Now everything hurts in a good way .
    Thank you
    Not eas3
    I hope i can fo the rest of the programs

  10. Camille Baes says:

    just started doing this workout today (April 1st)
    I like your tutorial and will be watching more of your videos😊

  11. Lolita Alido says:

    Is it everyday workout?

  12. Josy Huesler says:

    Bin begeistert ❤

  13. Hi, how much calories burnt for this workout?

  14. wow! I love it
    my 1st day to workout with you

  15. Wowww!! this was a very good routine!! thanks a lot! I enjoyed

  16. Jocy Roxas says:

    my first try and I love it. Thanks.

  17. I did enjoy this one but did anyone else find part one of the cool down way harder than the 3 first rounds? 😂 i burnt more cals there then the rest of it

  18. Josh Addi says:

    First time doing this exercise . Is was this best. Thanks you

  19. Ofel Quijano says:


  20. Ezekiel Cas says:

    thankyou for this. will definitely continue using this guide. almost didn't finish it. but i pushed through.

  21. Chessy says:

    Is this also advisable for beginners like me?

  22. Super Workout, freu mich schon auf das kommende, danke BurpeeGirl👌🙏😀

  23. Great workout! Thank you!

  24. Bonjour 🌻 👋 🌻 👋 je voulais savoir le challenge de 30 jours c est le même c est la même vidéo à faire pendant 30 jours ou pas pouvez vous m expliquer merci et encore bravos pour vidéo ❤❤❤❤❤

  25. Aryana❤️ says:

    This is my first day, 😊

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