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Do This Every Morning: 10 Best Exercises

Here are some easy routines that can help you burn fat and calories everyday! They’re fun and very much doable and can be …

34 thoughts on “Do This Every Morning: 10 Best Exercises

  1. Thank you sister…i feel the change on the first day itself…

  2. I m starting today I m saved this one viod tq so much ❤

  3. Md Fahad says:

    This so hard but so amazing I like it

  4. This is my exercise every morning 🌄 😊. Thank you Roberta😊

  5. My favourite is a rest time

  6. I made. It! Thanks for sharing

  7. Stela Pran says:

    Thank you so much. This is first time. Very nice. Subrang dami pawis

  8. Thanks ☺️ l started this morning l really appreciate it 🥰

  9. Wow amazing exsersays

  10. Slamat po. Gud morning

  11. smitha baby says:

    17 years old girls can do this?

  12. 최선아 says:

    운동 강도에 따라 휴식시간을 다르게해서 좋아요. 가벼워 보이는 운동들인데 다 하고 나니 땀이 😅

  13. Gget Fxcy says:

    Well done 😍😍😍🤝👏👍👏👏

  14. I can’t wait to try this one! YAY!!! 😃👍🎊🎉

  15. Sheetal Deo says:

    I can help you all for weight loss
    So plz ask me how

  16. ADRIAAN L says:

    Love this so much

  17. Wow just beginning this exercise, please for how long would we do this?

  18. Liza Merced says:

    Thank You so much

  19. Ngoan Phan says:

    Sáng ngày nào mẹ cũng bắt tập
    Không được ngủ nướng
    Đang ngủ ngon thì bị kiêu dậy lúc 5 giờ sáng

  20. Ana Orada says:

    It's my 1st day trying this guide. It's a great day morning every one cheer me up guys. And bless us ☺️

  21. I felt this exercises well. Thank you.❤❤

  22. Thank you 😊 help me to get sweat and stretch my body ❤️

  23. Mika anne says:


  24. Kim Taehyung says:

    Anyone please reply how many calories I can lose in a day after doing this

  25. ilove this exercises! a lot of sweat😁!!!

  26. Is this excersise suitable for after c section delivery?

  27. Mai to 1 month se krrhi hu koi asar nhi pda mujhe to tummy bhi km nhi hua mera 🥺🥺

  28. Thank you so much for 🥰🥰this morning exercise

  29. I feel energized to work with Roberta thank you 😊

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