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10 MIN Standing Abs Workout For Men (Lose Belly Fat And Get 6 Pack At Home)

Follow along with us for a Standing Abs Workout For Men (Lose Belly Fat And Get 6 Pack At Home), that will help increase your …

39 thoughts on “10 MIN Standing Abs Workout For Men (Lose Belly Fat And Get 6 Pack At Home)

  1. Workout Guru says:

    Hello everyone!
    Let us know in the comments, how you found this workout?
    How you did it?

    ⏱️ Duration: 10 minutes
    💪 Exercises quantity: 10
    ⏱️ Format: 1 exercise = 1 minute = 45 seconds work + 15 seconds rest
    🤸‍♂️ Equipment: your body

    ⏰ Timecodes ⏰
    ⚠️ Primary muscles worked are given in parentheses below
    00:00 – Standing Abs Workout For Men To Lose Belly Fat At Home
    00:17 – 1. Twisting Knee-up (Abs, Obliques, Quads, Calves)
    01:17 – 2. Standing Ab Twist (Obliques, Glutes)
    02:17 – 3. Standing Side Bend (Obliques)
    03:17 – 4. Criss Cross Elbow To Knee (Abs, Obliques, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves)
    04:17 – 5. Corner Touch (Delts, Obliques, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves)
    05:17 – 6. Double Knee Drive (Abs, Obliques, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves)
    06:17 – 7. Knee Drive (Abs, Obliques, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves)
    07:17 – 8. Rear Fly Stepback (Abs, Delts, Obliques, Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings)
    08:17 – 9. Punch Twist (Abs, Obliques, Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings)
    09:17 – 10. Side Jump Twist (Abs, Obliques, Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings)

    📆 Recommended Plan
    Week 1 ✅ Do It 3 Day Per Week
    Week 2 ✅ Do It 4 Day Per Week
    Week 3 ✅ Do It 5 Day Per Week
    Week 4 ✅ Do It 6 Day Per Week (1 Day Rest)

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  2. JONEZ CMAR says:

    How many rounds do you do

  3. Ted Victor says:

    Please slow i up for us VIEJITOS

  4. Is it just for men

  5. Do I just to it 1 time only a day?

  6. _Android89_ says:

    Is it ok to do it everyday throughout all 4 weeks, as many times we want per day instead? Everyday meaning all 7 days in all 4 weeks. I done it 3 times today, and it's only day 2 for me.

  7. Very nice I like it 👍👍👍👍

  8. Thi Truck says:

    Quem tem artrose de quadril pode

  9. Holy crap i started this the week after Christmas and it really works! I was amazed today with how much results i see!!! 🙂👌

  10. James King says:

    Hey I was looking for something simple and BAM! So far I enjoyed the video on standing up ab workout.

  11. bow butter says:

    For a guy in his 60s thank you very much appreciated

  12. Women can do that too

  13. Nice 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. Thanks team for making an achievable exercise.bravo!

  15. smooth vid cool warmup for training and the music was great we / i love the beats. thanks

  16. Aaron Oyster says:

    True, a picture is worth 1000 words, yet some verbal instruction would've been nice too.

  17. Douraid Isho says:

    This workout gets your heart pumping and I'm feeling it . Thank you and please keep making these amazing videos LOVE IT!!! It is easy to get started early workout in the morning.

  18. .Muy buenos ejercicios. Sirven para .mujeres.

  19. Do you have belly fat workouts for women?

  20. Jamil Din says:

    How long it will take to get a 6 pack?

  21. Suitable for older women too, right?

  22. Another great workout 💪👊👍

  23. Al Fan says:


  24. Austin Lam says:

    how many times per day?

  25. I like workout where u can feel your abs

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