Breakfast Ideas

the BEST yummy & healthy breakfast ideas! 🌱

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24 thoughts on “the BEST yummy & healthy breakfast ideas! 🌱

  1. Thank you for these meals. Saving this video.

  2. It’s been so fun watching you become an adult! Btw your mom should have a cooking show, I tried her method with a fried egg and it was bomb. πŸ’›

  3. CJ says:

    please do more of these videos but baking ideas and ideas like this too in the new house!!! Plz do more of these !!!

  4. chaiboi says:

    that matcha looks BOMB

  5. AnnarYes says:

    Omg her hair 😍😍
    And her kitchen 😍😍
    And her in general😍😍

  6. Alexiana says:

    Hey, if yall see this I hope yk that Jesus loves u. He misses you, and sure does care about u plz turn to God (u don't have to) enjoy ur day!!!

  7. alex meyers says:

    Love you Caroline

  8. ive been watching you since like 2019 its so crazy how fast it went by omgggg

  9. luqets says:

    Please do dinner ideas too!!

  10. Ava Ward says:

    THE VIEW!!! where exactly in idaho is this??

  11. Hi Caroline, I was wondering if you can do a full house tour with all the decorations and the furnitures ? Love u, bye !

  12. my inspo to actually make aesthetic breakfast to start my day BTW ur organisation is FIRE ! <3

  13. We As Words says:

    Healthy and yummy! πŸ’•πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  14. Love ur pantry organization πŸ₯° thx for the meal ideasπŸ˜‹

  15. Laurie Chow says:

    love the aesthetic vibes in this vid <3

  16. Laurie Chow says:

    that matcha looks so good πŸ΅πŸ˜‹

  17. Kaitlyn King says:

    Freddie’s (Fred Meyers) has brown sugar bacon. At least where I live and it is delicious.

  18. em kovacs says:

    matcha looks so goodddd. what matcha powder do you use?

  19. Angela Ruth says:


  20. xxmwa says:

    a video without caroline’s voice is not complete :((

  21. Good morning Caroline happy Wednesday morning and I loved your reset vlogs and honestly you are amazing productive I'm proud of you and you are amazing vibe

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