The Rise Of $12 Salads

Sweetgreen, Chopt, and other chains have transformed salad from a side dish to a $12 meal. In the last two decades, salad …

48 thoughts on “The Rise Of $12 Salads

  1. cem says:

    i did not get full with salad this is the problem

  2. Salad has never been boring, people just don’t know how to make them, all it honestly takes is just tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, peppers and green onion with a mix of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and dried herbs like mint to make a salad you’ll enjoy

  3. John Dill says:

    The virgin sweetgreens vs the chad salad and go

  4. I am very admittedly a devotee to the work of Steven Gundry, to where I think he could make a great secretary of Health and Human Services at a federal level to address some of these problems besides economics. I follow a lot of his advice admittedly, and from there; I eventually got out of a half obese phase I went through. Coffee also helped me slim in the process.

    When it comes to this, we as a society really need to tackle corporate power, our food chain, and possibly look at indigenous wisdom for a truly egalitarian and sustainable future.

    I will leave it with the quote from Tom morello of rage against the machine of all people, “Everything we do is ultimately political.”

  5. yong chen says:

    Salad work restaurant franchise bottom line a business food need

  6. Never heard of sweet green but I heard it’s overrated and very elitist.

  7. Angel Uceta says:

    Salads are not healthy lmao.

  8. Do they have cheeseburgers on the menu?

  9. Selma S. says:

    What about making your own salad?? Meal prep. I work and study full-time, but I always find a time to prepare food. It is way healthier, not so pricey and you will enjoy it. As long as people rely on these kinds of restaurants, they will have high prices, because if no one is buying them, they would have to do something about it.

  10. thalun says:

    In india veg is everyday meal.

  11. S S says:

    smh, my sweetgreen go-to costs me 15$ all in…and im still hungry after

  12. rachelmm05 says:

    Its all about marketing.. just like Starbucks and other specialty restaurants the prices they charge for basic food items is ridiculous…
    Think about this you can spend $12-17 for one salad during lunch or you can apply some basic economics. Go to your local grocery store get the lettuce(its different variations), or pack of mixed greens, sweet potato, can of chickpeas, a sm pack of pre-cooked chicken strips, a pack of seeds or nuts, cauliflower (if thats your thing), croutons and your desired sauce for about $25( the cost will vary more or less depending on where you live). Do a meal prep and eat salad with those same ingredients for 3 to 4 days during lunch. Spending $25 once a week is more practical verses $12-17 per day… but I understand convenience sells and these salad companies are racking up.

  13. sam says:

    This is a bullshit video. avoids bad mouthing anything and namedrops brands

  14. C. DL. says:

    Capitalism ho!

  15. Adam R says:

    “Salad was just not a full meal” And it never became so?…

  16. apage123 says:

    I bet those prices are way higher now , a salad at Chick-fil-A is about $10 now

  17. Where I live I don’t have ANY of these places near me, nothing close is healthy salad bars

  18. Jello salads look so disgusting I wanna throw up 😍

  19. Sproggs says:

    I feel like this was just a Sweetgreen ad. "Falafel, tofu, lentis….have made it possible for a salad to become a complete meal" Lol ok yeah because we didn't have chicken breast with almonds, tomatoes, and a drizzle of olive oil on a bed of romaine before the falafel salad

  20. T A says:

    I think this might be the most frustrating, white-washed feature video I've ever watched.

  21. I rather eat my boring cheap salads. Lettuce, onion, tuna and vinegar. When I feel fancy I replace the tuna with some cured cheese, nuts and apple.

  22. Possum Head says:

    I make my own giant salads that are just as delicious as anything you can get at a restaurant and it must cost me like $2 or so a serving. Just make your own all you gotta do it chop vegetables

  23. KAVSGAME says:

    Ig they couldn't find good stock footage for salads .. the dude just went to town with a stack of 1$ bills and a overpriced salad.

  24. I got 2 McDoubles extra pickles with a Mcflurry( Oreo and M&M) for under $5. Free McFlurry w/ purchase 🥵

  25. Sandra Tran says:

    I currently live in New Zealand and I’m thinking $12! Damn that’s cheap! You’d pay $22+ for a salad like that, and they usually lack flavour loll

  26. Abin George says:

    $12 for that? No thanks…

  27. Honestly it scares me how expensive good quality fresh veggies are in the us! Make me a v grateful Brit

  28. Germs0o says:

    I just paid $22 for mine wym $12

  29. ID says:

    Salad and Go? The best

  30. This is the stupidity of people that I don’t understand… you can go to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients to make these salads at least 4x and it won’t even cost $12…

  31. "Salad restaurants have been growing like crazy"

    Me who lives in the South and only recognized one of the salad chains: Oh really?

  32. I can't remember having an American salad in my life, because I never had one in the first place T_T

  33. EMNstar says:

    What if that place with the prepackaged salads made refrigerated salad vending machines?

  34. Grubse says:

    Nothing screams US more than this video, it would be great if you made some comparison to the EU or some European countries. I feel like the US has been behind on eating veggies for a long time and that these videos should reflect that it is perhaps more of a US problem. Just my 2 cents as a European/Scandinavian viewer.

  35. Carleen says:

    And other countries it’s like the cheapest thing 🫢

  36. cause bro.. falafel is fried and not healthy. People are delusional

  37. Don’t waste good food for the sake of a video, so pointless

  38. hjrm says:

    id rather buy a €12 salad than a €12 fastfood menu

  39. Michele says:

    I look on google for salad ideas and I make them at home. Saving tons of $$$

  40. raiden83 says:

    Really enjoyed this ad for Sweet Green

  41. I go to my local grocery pay 12 dollar for salad grocery that can last month instead paying 12 dollars everyday

  42. It’s cheaper to make your own salad and it takes only 5 minutes

  43. Just a salad… just a salad…. Just a salad

  44. samy smati says:

    I can make my salad at home for 3 $.

  45. How much do you guys spend at McDonalds cause I’m spending 10-15$… at any fast food change

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