Medical Marijuana

Intro to Medical Marijuana

The 19th annual Parkinson’s Disease Patient and Carepartner Symposium focused on living well beyond traditional medicines.

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  1. BMWOCanada says:

    This is absolutely true!

  2. nickJamesb* says:

    Your distinction between medical and recreational use, namely that recreational users just want to change their mood, kind of falls apart when you stop to consider that thing that exists, called MOOD DISORDERS, that account for the MOST disability world wide of ANY disease, yet is remarkably underfunded. Don't you think? Don't you think all these "recreational" and "hedonistic" "drug abusers" are probably using this drug to self medicate the aforementioned problem, which is also staggeringly under-diagnosed and under-treated? Probably due to the stigma created by people like you who think there is an appropriate time, and an inappropriate time to use certain drugs….

  3. this is very useful but in the past 3 years soooo much research has been made making this slightly irrelevant

  4. Medical Cannabis and a Good Diet are a medical necessity for all those of us who have been innocently and ignorantly consuming such hard to avoid Mitochondrial Poisonous Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils in our diets and got one or more of many more modern thus Metabolically Caused Diseases and CANCERS. These barely existed before about 1900 when industrially manufactured Vegetable Seed Oils and foods started becoming available. You need to exclude all manufactured snacks, takeaways, restaurant fried and manufactured foods to avoid all these vegetable oils. The ideal solution for ultimate healthy longevity is to go fully VEGAN and take Cannabis Supplementation to boost your damaged Endocannabinoid System until you are better while getting all vegetable seed extract, typical industrially refined cooking oils out of your diet. You can certainly use some polysaturated animal food-based oil/fat as in all animal products if you are not quite so ill or worried about living as long and remaining perfectly healthy. Best luck from your optimally self reeducated and friendly family GP Dr David who wants to see you be actually cured of all the modern diseases that are definitely so dietary-based in origin. Get my 75-page explanation with all the most informative references at

  5. halacris says:

    "Medical science, government and "professors" should leave it to humans to figure out themselves. Would have saved a lot of trouble for everyone

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  7. Ed` Bland says:

    STOP IT FELON FEDERAL AGENT ! Routers CenturyLink4347 & CenturyLink2825.
    I am about HEALING earth and the ADVANCEMENT of HUMANITY.
    I am not about becoming rich !
    I am creating gold to prove that THC restores brain injuries.
    The proceeds I will use to create a self charging generator that will run HYDRO drive with 0 carbon output.
    Then will focus on getting DC electricity from atmosphere !
    I am the CREATORS 'healing' warrior.
    I came forwards with how GOLD and PLATINUM were created to 'prove' my brain injury is being restored with THC so earth can be restored by growing HEMP.
    How else could a 5.5 TBI patient do this ?
    Growing HEMP will restore the 'soil', will restore the 'atmosphere'.
    Will create BIO-DEGRADABLE plastics.
    This is the only way I can get this message out; HEMP plastics is the future for earth.
    I wrecked my Harley not wearing my helmet that stopped my heart 3 times, crushed my chest breaking all my ribs multiple times puncturing both lungs, put me into an 87 day coma waking with a 5.5 brain injury requiring relearning life. Once returning home I tried having my doctor do an MRI of my brain to compare to my wreck. He refused telling me that BIG PHARMA will financially destroy any doctor that proves THC restores brain injuries.
    This upset me so much that I taught myself MOLECULAR SCIENCE and went to the gold shop in KALISPELL MONTANA showing JB how copper transitioned into gold. This got me kicked out and he told 'city council' that I am making FOOLS GOLD from copper pass tests
    Boiling water proves that 'heat' excites MOLECULES allowing ATOMS to escape.
    This is how copper transitions into GOLD and nickel into PLATINUM.
    Earth must be restored by growing HEMP world wide.
    Copper is 179 atoms and melts at around 1400F to 1800F.. You must bring it to a 'boil' that will be at 3500F but the 'oxygen' atom must never make contact or will explode burning on contact. In 72 hours 100 atoms will boil out and melted BORAX will absorb them leaving 79 atoms that is GOLD.

  8. Thom Nathan says:

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    I just got my order deliver a couple of hours ago for my mum stage four cancer .

    I Got some good stuff from this dispensary for my mum. Who is suffering from cancer and believe me it's really relieving her from a lots of pains . Today we got a confirmation from the doctor that she is doing extremely well. .


  11. It's always the plan of the Marxists, alias communists or socialist to either drunken or drug their society. It helps tame the male initiative so the men don't get wise enough to start a revolution.
    Russia used vodka, even paid the workers in vodka. …(still today their convenience stores and grocery stores are more than half liquor over food and other products). Castro used rum and marijuana. Chavez used marijuana and beetlenut.
    That's why they have fought to legalize marijuana now as "medical marijuana"… starting with the Clintons… they are a bunch of potheads.

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