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8 Simple Exercises To Burn Lower Belly Fat

Are you constantly searching for exercises that will help eliminate that dreaded lower belly pooch? Now the search is over! Today …

38 thoughts on “8 Simple Exercises To Burn Lower Belly Fat

  1. b says:

    Mezuniyetim yaklaşıyor o yüzden yarın başlicam bugün 8 Nisan 2023

  2. Is doing this once a day enough with proper diet to get good results?

  3. Wow after doing it for 5 times am so light with defined lower abs

    1st time it was hard but it was so easy now, I felt nothing lol

  4. No. Not like I expected

  5. Yunjinsone says:

    Doing this workout for 1 month!
    Day 1✅ kinda hard but worth it.
    Day 2✅ my stomach is really sore from yesterday but I still did it.
    Day 3✅I did half of the workout bc I danced alot and I was exhausted.
    Day 4✅So far there is a little difference!
    Day 5✅ The more you do it the easier it gets!
    Day 6✅

  6. Can I do this for post partum belly

  7. Will do for 10 days from now!

  8. Virat says:

    Haa vo mera dream 😢😢haa mera dream ma aya patanahi and dream such hogaya nahi😢😢

  9. how many sets should I do ?

  10. These exercises really help .
    Really love ❤️ these exercises.

  11. Sera Sera says:

    Thanks 🙏 nice

  12. Harita Rao says:

    Did the workout 😂

  13. Eray G. says:

    Should we do it everyday or every other day?

  14. Bailey Glass says:

    doing this for two weeks !!

    day 1: done 🙂

  15. I’ve really been committed to doing your workouts. I have to avoid jumping so my plantar fasciitis can heal, and fortunately for me, you have plenty of routines to choose from! I can constantly feel my core engage. I also enjoy your yoga workouts. I’m traveling with my husband in Chihuahua Mexico, and my day consists of exploring, walking, and doing your workouts. I try to put aside a couple hours to exercise with you in addition to my walking. You are such a fitness blessing! ❤❤❤🤗

  16. Adeeba Malik says:

    My legs bend while flutter kicks and through last one exercise. Is it okay?

  17. OMG TIKY TAC says:

    Is it loose belly fat and weight I think so it will be because m y stomach is burning when doing this EXCERSISE I think it will absolutely reduce thank you roberrts gym 🏋🚴💪byee

  18. I have started this exercise and it's the 4th day I'm doing this
    Day 5- I was tired but somehow completed this video
    Day 6- done
    Day 7- skipped
    Day 9 -done
    Day 11- done
    Day 12-done . I haven't yet measured my inches..will do tomorrow morning and update
    Day 13-skipped today as a rest day and ate lots of Holi sweets
    Day 15 -done .. also my lower belly has reduced by 1 inch but I can not see any effect on my thighs or upper belly so if u want to remove lower belly then it's really effective but for whole body I won't recommend…
    So from tomorrow onwards I'll do another whole body workout which is also about 10 -12exercises along with these exercises in this video and will update one week later

  19. Rakhi Kamble says:

    2days break and this is 6th day size is 30:7

  20. Adeeba Malik says:

    As a teen and no much belly fat, for how much time should I do this exercise? 2 weeks? 1week?….

  21. Rakhi Kamble says:

    5th day is complete

  22. Rakhi Kamble says:

    4th day is complete waist size is 31

  23. How many times do this exercise in day ? Please tell Robert'a

  24. Luna says:

    I did the first exercise two weeks ago, but I felt pain in the bottom of the left abdomen area
    I feel less pain now, but it’s still there.

  25. Be Strong says:

    My first day! Let's see how it works !
    Day 2 ☑️

  26. How many times I have to do this in a day

  27. SAYAK HALDER says:

    Thank you so much Roberta

  28. Shoutout for those doing it secretly in their room😅😂

  29. Pooja Patel says:

    Hello Mera pet bahut badh gya he kon si exercise krna chahiye

  30. I saw your video today and did it. I also got motivated. Will continue..
    Thank u so much.
    Please post more of lower belly fat burn videos.

  31. Day 1- ✅
    Day 3-✅
    Day 4-✅
    Day 5-✅
    Day 6- ✅

  32. xera says:

    I'm gonna throw up jesus

  33. xera says:

    nahhh this is what hell feels like WHY DO I FEEL SO WEAKK AGHHHHHHHHHHH

  34. So Roberta,how many weeks I need to burn my lower abdominal if I do this workout every day?☺️

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