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Want To Lose Weight? Doctors Say It’s Time To Stop Counting Calories

A new report by a group of obesity doctors and scientists found that telling people to eat less could actually be causing more harm …

27 thoughts on “Want To Lose Weight? Doctors Say It’s Time To Stop Counting Calories

  1. Don't tell me they are actually serious. Calories in calories out. That is how weight loss works. 👋*Slaps

  2. Dyosatet Tot says:

    Ottimo consiglio! Concentrarsi sulla qualità degli alimenti che mangiamo, invece che contare solo le calorie, può portare a una perdita di peso sostenibile e salutare. Per tutti gli appassionati di fitness che cercano di perdere peso senza dover passare attraverso il dolore della privazione alimentare e della fame, il programma Metodo FESPA potrebbe essere la soluzione ideale per voi. Con il suo approccio personalizzato e la sua attenzione ai cambiamenti salutari dello stile di vita, il programma può aiutare a raggiungere i vostri obiettivi di perdita di peso in modo salutare e sostenibile. Perdere peso senza privazioni può essere molto pratico e divertente! Nessun sacrificio, nessuna fame.

  3. r g says:

    Plant food is supposed to be healthy. So why do they say don't eat many carbs.

  4. Erica says:

    Controlling the added sugar you can find in cakes, soda, bread etc is important too.

    Activity such as taking long walks or lifting all together will help you have a healthy mind and body.

  5. Elle H says:

    as a dieter of over 35 years, what i notice is that eating poor quality foods causes binge eating. its like im starving but im not getting what my body needs so i stay hungry. and the opposite is also true: healthful foods make me stop focusing on food and stops the binge cycle.

  6. Happy hub says:

    Weight loss tips that actually work

  7. If you have 70 kg and you want to lose 20 kilos, this will happen in one year of dieting. Who said they ve lost weight fast, just trolls.

  8. L M says:

    Don’t count calories, but count carbs. Any other thing to obsess over.

  9. WhiteLight says:

    Cutting carbs is not sustainable, u will gonna crave sugar and junk food after some time on that diet, instead eat healthy carbs like whole wheat bread, brown rice

  10. FIT BODY says:

    I lost weight with a very good detox kit, if you want I can help you

  11. Question: When this lady said she lost 88 lbs. Was that from one (1) dieting period. Many dieters tout losing x amount of weight but it was a total weight after a few separate periods like losing 6 pounds and gaining 4 back. Then losing 8 and gaining 5 back. Then calling the weight loss of 15 lbs. Very misleading.

  12. Tenza says:

    Cutting carbs has honestly been the only thing that has ever worked for me.

  13. Clifford says:

    Why am I not hearing anyone say cut off sugars instead of eating less?

  14. Let’s be real this is a basically Atkins, and Keto. Keto is less than 20 grams of carbs. 37 is not a lot

  15. Alice Romano says:

    Mi piace uno stile di vita felice e sano seguendo il metodo F.E.S.P.A. Incoraggia a concentrarsi sul consumo di carboidrati complessi che sono essenziali per fornire energia al corpo e una dieta equilibrata dovrebbe includere una varietà di carboidrati sani. Dì addio alle diete prive di carboidrati insostenibili e malsane e abbraccia un approccio equilibrato all'alimentazione con metodo FESPA. È conveniente e non devo sacrificare i miei pasti preferiti

  16. Those in the sugar and food industry are trying every way they can to make you eat more of their foods and become fat, FOR MORE PROFITS!

  17. Josh Wild says:

    Counting calories was the only way that I could effectively lose weight. Dropped 70 lbs between 2013 to 2015 because of it. Nothing else worked. This is just misinformation.

  18. Some of us struggle to lose weight bc we use food like drugs. For the most part, weight loss requires a consistent investment and you can’t do that on an inconsistent basis such as emotional eating. Get your emotions in check first and then evaluate your diet and fitness regime.

  19. Ridiculous I gained weight weekly I have a tree of 1200 cals I had metabolism tested the sandwich I ate daily had 1000

  20. marta lech says:

    This is what I am doing right now.. in Last 5 weeks I lost 13 lbs . just cute out carbs and no calorie counting. I was 300 lbs and now I am 187. This really works. I eat lots of veggies and protein

  21. “New approach” 😂😂😂

  22. Min Cass says:

    Stop eating too much and have a balance meal.. But the matter is that I love eating so much 🤦🤦🤦🤦

  23. Smokes says:

    You see, it really depends on the person. Cutting down on carbs is way more restrictive for me than eating whatever I want (I naturally tend to go for "healthier" foods but that definitely includes rice, potatoes, pasta, etc.) on a reasonable calorie deficit. I've been raised on a higher-carb diet, so my body craves the carbs. Reducing my calories down to 1800 while not worrying about what I'm going to eat at a family event or about every time I crave a meal my mom used to make for me as a child is perfectly effective for me. It's all very personal.

  24. Amick Guitar says:

    They literally never said how many calories she was eating on te low carb diet….

  25. tayyab zaib says:

    Im using losebellyfatchallenge and getting very good result you should try it as well for weight lose

  26. red sun says:

    Just eliminate ultra-processed foods from your diet. Eat only whole, natural foods that are nutrient dense. Minimally processed is fine. Be aware/conscientious about what you’re putting your body! Stop the mindless eating. It’s all mental.

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