Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating – Portion Control

Learn how to control your eating by setting up a plate to give you proper portions of each food group. Candy Cumming, a former …

30 thoughts on “Healthy Eating – Portion Control

  1. yeah guys I really lose 30 kilograms this is a amazing

  2. Mark says:

    Who the fuck can eat that much vegetables at once? RIP whoevers stomach has to consume that.

  3. What a great video. Thank you.

  4. Humans shouldn't eat grains or meat. We don't have a digestive track that can probably break these items down. Fish is literally the only meat the human body has the ability to break down. Your "plate" theory is stupid.

    Remove processed foods, watch sugar intake. Eat what you want as long as it's whole real foods.

  5. FBI says:

    this video is very helpful. nice name btw

  6. Holly Jansen says:

    Thank you so much for this video. Very interesting.

  7. yooperlooper says:

    Can't eat that potato without butter & sour cream! Without that – no taste! 🙁

  8. What a horrible last name 😂

  9. Vxbz says:

    y need more protein, just use a scale to weigh out a certain amount tf and u dont have to eat like this to lose weight that plate looks like torture lol just stick to the cal deficit and make some nice food but weigh it out weight loss aint hard i was fat as shit but i lost the fat n built bare muscle only hard thing is the cravings for sweet shit in the first week or two but they go after that n u carry on n boom

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  11. Im crying the American control plate is more huge than the regular diets lmao

  12. oktodiodrmwn says:

    Now I'm on a diet by eating cards 😂

  13. Kim Ghoss says:

    Like you say you can have all food groups but just less thank you 🙂

  14. Kim Ghoss says:

    First time watcher… You have condensed ALL the waffle and made it easy and straight forward . I need to lose 20 lbs.Biy late in the year to start five days before Xmas but NewYear totally using this method.This was clearly what I've been waiting for.Many many thanks

  15. Eric Lowder says:

    Normally I go noon to midnight of meat

  16. I paid $75 to hear this – always good to get a top up from the professionals on YouTube too.

  17. Your thoughtfulness and thoroughness contributed to speeding up my healing process. I wonder what could have become of me if you weren't the one who handled my case. Thank you for eliminating my Herpes Virus Dr Aluda on YouTube..

  18. Tim Clark says:

    Why ?? Why would i want to eat like this??? i would rather die……. Don't like this world that much anyway…

  19. Spongebob says:

    Wayyy too controlling on the meat part. One chicken breast WHOLE CHICKEN BREAST is fine and healthy. The portion doesn’t need to be that small. It depends what meat you have.

  20. Mam, which quadrant will moong sprouts go? Protein or salad side?

  21. Hair Tie says:

    It always shocks me how much meat we actually need. Especially when the U.S. pushes for huge portions of meat they can hardly even provide

  22. Your video was really helpful. Thank you so much and the way of presentation was superb

  23. innaomnom says:

    who chose your last name

  24. Excellent. I ought to better control the portions I consume with this informative information.

  25. Logan Smith says:

    No way i just got done a 12 hour brisket for four fingers

  26. Just saying says:

    Thank you so much. Its been hard for me to get a straight answer!

  27. Excellen presentation.

  28. Lol, imagine four ounces of meat for dinner. Why even bother at that point, it's only a tease.

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