BareRoots-Rx: How hemp oil can help with pain

(SL Advertiser)) BareRoots-Rx talks about how hemp oil can help with pain.

10 thoughts on “BareRoots-Rx: How hemp oil can help with pain

  1. I have heard very good opinions about Weedborn CBD products.

  2. Mr. Red says:

    Health advice from a obese dude…. what a stinking joke. 🤣

  3. david romo says:

    This product has failed in reputable testing, truth is massive fraudulent practices in cbd oil claims.

  4. D. Lewis says:

    Yeah, I'm going to follow the advice of a overweight man working on his first heart attack…….

  5. Hemp oil isn't enough to make you healthy… You have to excercise too, and stop eating processed foods.

  6. MrNiceGuy says:

    Boi looks blazed AF

  7. It's so simple, Just go to WeedBorn page and enter CBD world.

  8. I think you can cure yourself, just loook and learn from WeedBorn website.

  9. I bought excellent oils from WeedBorn website. Just google WeedBorn.

  10. vreyes4er says:

    My son takes CBD for seizures I went in to the Scottsdale location on Saturday I did not know they are closed they only accept phone calls I called the number and I explained to the girl that I needed the cbd oil for my son. She said you know what let me go in she came in on a Saturday she went above and beyond I am a customer for life she is very knowledgeable she told me where they get the hemp from and its tested she knew so much. They have a special person on their team and I really appreciate what she did they are blessed and may God continue to Bless them thank you Genevieve.

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