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Best Raw Vegan Recipes for Beginners 🍓🌱 Easy, Healthy, & Quick GO-TO Meal Ideas You Can Eat Everyday

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39 thoughts on “Best Raw Vegan Recipes for Beginners 🍓🌱 Easy, Healthy, & Quick GO-TO Meal Ideas You Can Eat Everyday

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  2. D Robbins says:

    I need that salad bowl

  3. laure NGOULA says:

    I'm camerounian please i just want too leave like you your so beautiful can we be a friends!? were a you leave now …

  4. Heather says:

    500$ for the juicer😳

  5. so joyfull done – love you Kristina and thank you so much 🙂

  6. Now what says:

    Where can we get the big bamboo bowls?

  7. QB says:

    Where can I find a bulk of mason jars with that kind of lid

  8. Wonderful!! Thank you!


  10. Lady T says:

    Where do you live?

  11. Lady T says:

    I wish yoy were my best friend

  12. tennaj says:

    11:17 those are the largest avocados I've ever see in my life ! lol

  13. WithSelam says:

    Does she living in the haven

  14. Yo los veo me encanta, pero no entiendo nada y me pone triste no hablo inglés ni lo entiendo 😢 tú tenías un canal en español, no se que paso y que pesar, quisiera aprender todo lo que enseñas, pero ni modo me toca adivinar 😂 bendiciones

  15. Mandy Rose says:

    Nice ! But the food is always cold

  16. Reinamber says:

    That looks like a lot of food! At once! But I do understand that you’d have to eat this much to feel full

  17. Channon Tye says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful treat ideas

  18. Crystal Race says:

    Are you gonna finish that giant bowl?

  19. I somehow lost your channel but it showed up again today! Yay! Still love your beautiful feminine hair!

  20. What do you use to get such long shreds of carrot etc?

  21. Happy Birthday Kristina my Friend. Good Bless you. 🎉❤

  22. Jenn W says:

    What brand of soap and laundry detergent do you recommend for a vegan lifestyle?

  23. Hi Kristina, I’m new. I’m trying to add fruits & veggies to my days. So, I’m allergic to bell peppers, asparagus, & spinach. What can I sub for these? Also, how did you get those beautiful carrot & cucumber tiny, thin cuts?

  24. Delicious but too much food,… 🌻

  25. Your beautiful. Your voice is so suiting

  26. Sharon Ward says:

    Do you eat that size bowl salad by yourself

  27. Ana Berenice says:

    😮oH MY GOD GIRL!🎉

  28. Super pumped I discovered you here. Cannot wait to try these out, I am feeling fully inspired.

  29. Misty Moore says:

    Do you have any dressings that arent seed based?

  30. Why do you eat watermelon with no seeds?

  31. J Land says:

    U still need protein or u won’t grow

  32. How in this world do you eat that big of a salad????????

  33. T G says:

    Did u make your own Tahini? When I bought it from the store it’s pretty think. I wouldn’t be able to pour it out from the bowl like u did lol

  34. If it could make my hair look like yours I'm in! BEAUTIFUL!

  35. Jane Freeman says:

    I'm enjoying your recipes!!!

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