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Easy and Healthy Meals That Last The WHOLE Month

Cooking healthy for the week is great, but I figured out a way to make your cooking/meal prep last the whole month.

27 thoughts on “Easy and Healthy Meals That Last The WHOLE Month

  1. Brycicle77 says:

    You're telling me a chicken fried that rice?

  2. Love the video especially the Chicken Fried Rice, But what does "3 type chilies" mean. is it 3 of any chilies? (also is it 3 whole chilies?) I'm also curious which chilies you used in the video.
    Also bought your book, I can't wait for the 2nd one to come out. Also picked up "The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook".

  3. Joshua, may you live healthy for a thousand years for what you're doing to help the average joe!

  4. theredwon says:

    Uncle Joshua! Where your MSG? Where? Haiyaaaaa

  5. Humi Kutlu says:

    Chef we need more videos like this🎉❤

  6. Moksha Lani says:

    I've got a challenge for Josh: if he decides to switch up his regimen & go keto (i.e.if it ever becomes relevant to him) I would LOVE to see Carnivore/Ketovore meal prep But Cheaper

    Never was there a more worthy challenge for a talented chef.

  7. MR. ORTNO says:

    What would uncle Rodger say

  8. agm11009 says:

    You killed me when you said healthy and continued to use Pam smh

  9. Regan Hulvey says:

    More of these 🤌🏼🤌🏼

  10. Vanessa A says:

    I need to make that shrimp curry damn

  11. DJMakcim says:

    I’ve been saying (maybe in my head only 😂) that I would love a “frozen but better” series where you try to recreate all the things people buy frozen but better. Burritos, pastas, casseroles, quiche, pizzas, whatever!

  12. Ashh678 says:

    Love the video, so helpful! Got a question though, would it be unsafe to boil the plastic bags in hot water? Wouldnt the chemicals from the plastic go into the food?

  13. A weekly or bi weekly meal prep series is something I'd love to watch

  14. MinnieLittyy says:

    Like thank you. I needed this

  15. Blentastic says:

    God I hate the soy boy thumbnail

  16. MiLo Anne says:

    I wish there was a vegan version of your channel

  17. Maria H says:

    listing nutritional values by "per serving" is so freaking stupid it blows my mind. 7:56 that's like what 3 servings worth of rice.

  18. Bailey Dixon says:

    I'd highly recommend using vac packs, and using a proper sous vide machine. I have 2 common problems: 1: is that the sandwhich bags are too weak and water leaks in ruining the meal prep.
    2: is that even after following instructions the meals are still cold after heating.

    Using vac packs and sous vide machine will ensure better tasting, and more safe food.

    Who tf wants diarrhoea while training lol.

  19. Dan F says:

    if i could watch this video because it keeps sticking i see pictures of carbs…lots of carbs.. rice..noodles.. soft tacos…etc.. not good for training or weight loss…

  20. Dan F says:

    i have watched ten other vidoes yours is the only one that hangs multiple times and gets stuck. so i guess ill never know

  21. Wolf-E Romeo says:

    ok we have the first month, but what about the second month? 3rd month??

    Maybe he doesn't know about those…*my inner hobbit gets sad*

  22. Harax A says:

    how about once a year

  23. sara k says:

    more more MOREE healthy recipes please ☺️

  24. sara k says:

    more more MOREE healthy recipes please ☺️

  25. Hey Josh, can you do meals that don't have carbohydrates?

  26. meluvsquki says:

    This is amazing. Could you do this again but on a budget, complete with a grocery list?

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