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When You Use CBD Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Body

There are countless health trends swirling in our world today which can make it hard to figure out what works best for you.

37 thoughts on “When You Use CBD Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Body

  1. Austin Reese says:

    THC is good for you

  2. Austin Reese says:

    I use THC CBD and more cannabinoids everything day cannabinoid has the capability of cheer mini physical and mental impairments

  3. Steve says:

    CVs is massively helping me, and I was a sceptic

  4. Stepper says:

    Only THC makes me paranoid too often and also too much intoxicated. Only CBD does not even work as a placebo to me for anything (fybromyalgia, other pain, nausia, adhd, insomnia, etc.)
    But the combination of both really helps me out a lot! Every person works different, I would advice anyone with illness to "play around" with different strains and combinations of cannabinoids.
    Different cannabinoid and different terpene profiles have different effects too.

  5. Wayne Lotz says:

    Probably another benzodiazepines nightmare in disguise, due to lack of studies…just like what happened with benzodiazepines weening…drs don’t know how to take a person off these meds safely…

  6. I was taking Celebrex everyday and check out the side effects but CBD makes a great difference with less side effects

  7. Paul Shearer says:

    In my case daily CBD oil definitely lowered my blood pressure and I agree it could help people with high blood pressure. Unfortunately my blood pressure was not high to start with and it lowered it to a dangerous level where I was actually passing out. I no longer take CBD and now micro-dose with a low dose THC product for my medical issues.

  8. No known cure for cancer? You've got to be kidding. The cure for cancer was known 90 years ago. A cellular voltage between 70 – 90 millivolts. An alkaline blood pH balance. These two body conditions make cancer IMPOSSIBLE. Chemotherapy destroys your body and doesn't fix cancer. Stop the murder!

  9. Julianos says:

    We tossed all of our OTC pain meds. Last time I had a bad cold I took CBD oil with CBN for sleep, and a decent dose of full spectrum CBD throughout the day and felt SO much better. I took just enough so the THC contents would help but not make me high. Honestly we will never buy pain meds again. And it doesn’t help with fever, but if you have a mild fever you want to leave it alone anyway, as that is your body fighting the infection. Nature seems to know best here. If your fever is severe, I’d say get medical attention anyway rather than just popping pills that say they lower fever.

  10. CBD is life changing for a lot of reasons.

  11. Janet Isoldi says:

    Is CBD food for Vulvodynia

  12. jez lucas says:

    High cbd low thc perfect .

    Those days seems to be gone now .

  13. Try treating yourself with Weedborn CBD products.

  14. I know Weedborn has the best CBD products ever.

  15. NeverBiden81 says:

    Bull, CBD compounds the affects of any other meds, and actually delays the affects of other meds thus making the affects hit you all at once.

  16. Lynn Kramer says:

    You videos of cannabis buds show that your videos are a hoax.

  17. pat sow says:

    I would like to correct the error in this video. When talking about CBD and then referring to marijuana is what gets you high that’s completely false eyelashes. Look at the actual information..
    THC, the active ingredient in Cannabis responsible for the high feeling, is in itself a
    cannabinoid. THE stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. The word marijuana comes from a racist perspective towards Mexicans..
    If you want to be ethical, it’s all Cannabis there are three main types, Sativa, Indica and ruderalis (hemp very low, THC)
    Both Indica and Sativa cannabis do have THC in them, though they are slightly different, and overall affects, you may look at Leafly or other sites for different strains . So overall a pretty good video, but really confusing at the end, for spectrum, CBD does contain THC, but usually no more than 2-3%, not enough for the “high” effect

  18. Mike Watch says:

    For 4 years I’ve used CBD. Every day like clock work. My lower back pain is gone for good. In the past I would have been on heavy pain meds probably a couple times a year for 4 weeks at a time. Haven’t been to my orthopedic Dr in 4 years and no …pain meds. My blood pressure has gone down also. Never been on BP meds but now I’m 115/78 at age 75. Seems especially easy to control my weight also. Lost like 25lbs during the pandemic. Over all I’m back to a normal life minus pain meds. For the past 40 years it was be careful with your back. Now pain concern has left my thoughts all together. I don’t even think about it anymore. I’ve given this advice to other people and it seems to work for the majority of people. But there are a few that it didn’t. Maybe they didn’t take it along enough or the right dosage. I use a 3000 mg bottle and use a full dropper under my tongue for 12 minutes. I found this is my dosage everyday no matter what.

  19. I can't believe people are dumb enough to believe CBD oil improves their overall wellbeing. Why not just drink 750ml vodka every day? No wonder America is getting dumber by the day. Oh, well. I will leave all you weed acolytes in the dust. Everyone, go out and use CBD oil. Yeah!!!!

  20. Insane stuff says:

    But I need high 😂😂👍

  21. That bud at 1:10 looked like some good stuff. 👌 Cannabis has saved my life in many numerous ways than one. As a Christian I say it's God's medicine. If you were to anoint any plant or medication as God's medicine, cannabis & cannabinoids are God's Medicine.

  22. BMWOCanada says:

    Cannabis has incredible benefits for our health. This video breaks down those benefits in easy-to-understand chunks. Great explanation!

  23. Cbd alone iv tried makes me feel tired all the time if I take it all the time and also gives me the shits thc normal cannabis is far better for me I don't no why but it seems I need thc in me bud

  24. My son and I both have Alpha-gal Syndrome and CBD oil has saved our lives. I can't walk without it. Find a reputable source with a COA and use it consistently for 2 weeks before thumbing your nose at it. Occasionally people are allergic to it and probably don't bother to find out before they poo poo all over it.

  25. Im trying to get my son to try it for his illness & depression. Ill have him watch this vid thanks to you🤗so informative & happy your channel exists its finally legal here

  26. Dee S says:

    Very informative short video.. just what I was looking for, thank you 💕

  27. Callum Brown says:

    Cant help but think CBD is just a gimmick product as it apparently helps with everything that bothers us as humans. Lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, cancer, achne, high blood pressure, aches and pains, weight loss etc etc. How can one thing be such a prevention for all of these things and not be raved about by everyone? Kinda feels like bullshit.

    Someone change my mind.

  28. blondielox says:

    Could have went without the close up of zits

  29. With all these benefits why isn’t this prescribed by doctors instead of medication!! It’s crazy 😮

  30. Dawg Home says:

    1:45, try telling that to white, British medical doctors and gp's!!!

  31. Suzette Kath says:

    I use CBD for Childhood PTSD. My man and our daughter have noticed that it is helping me out. This includes interactions between me and others.

  32. Martin Burns says:

    How come the F d A approved the opioids that killed 500000 Americans and there was a problem approving c b d simple big pharmaceutical companies money that’s it right there

  33. PD Videos says:

    If ever I get diagnosed with cancer, I’m taking 1000mg of cbd daily. Been known to cure cancer. No joke.

  34. PD Videos says:

    100mg of cbd works well for me 🙂

  35. Thank you so much. I've been suffering of the same, now I'm getting full panic attacks. I'm going to try this.

  36. hassy g says:

    cbd works for anxiety and depression anything else idk

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