Should I Use CBD Oil? What is it?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is becoming increasingly popular for use in the treatment of arthritic pain. The surgeons discuss the …

41 thoughts on “Should I Use CBD Oil? What is it?

  1. Did nothing for me.

  2. ☝️Hit up the handle.He is reliable and ships shifty 🔞💊🍄

  3. Topical use has worked really well for my arthritis pain.

  4. eneuberger22 says:

    Can I take cbd with lisinapril

  5. Will Weed says:

    If you use CBD/CBG oil it suppresses inflammation. You can't smoke it and expect those results. You have to ingest it and the oil is the most potent way to take it.

  6. I am a big supporter of CBD for pain and also stress.

  7. Marie says:

    I have nerve pain from the left knee up my thigh to my hip. I am not able to sleep from the pain. My father was using it, a 50 year recovering alcoholic. Myself ,who doesn’t like meds, after my father passed away at 86 he had CBD oil around the house, I was in so much nerve pain I found the CBD oil applied the oil and was shocked at the relief that I experienced. CBD oil will be part of my regiment of vitamins, being over 60’ish and still don’t take any form of medicine. I’ve read that CBD oil have 20 amino acids with some antioxidant’s. It does not contain THC drug that makes you looped.

  8. " … there's a backlog … " That's A Fact ! It's Why Canadian's With The Money To Come To The US For Various Surgeries Do So

  9. At Your Side says:

    I have tried taking different brands of CBD oil in order to relieve my chronic, severe insomnia which I’ve had since 2006‼️ Last week I tried a new-to-me brand of 1,500mg CBD WITH THC and am praising the Lord for MANY years of prayers finally answered. Last night was my 5th consecutive night where I have slept about 5-6 hrs!! For me that is AH-MAZING!! Will it continue to help? Praying so…

  10. Barbara Dunn says:

    I love watching you both! You always give us lots of good information. I just wish you were in the states so you could do my knee surgery!
    Keep up the great videos!

  11. Thank you for your very informative videos. I’ve been using cbd oil for several years and it help a lot for the lower back pain caused by the compound fractures I have. Got started on cbd from the advice of my grandson, much better the the additive pain meds my dr would prescribe.Keep up your good work😊

  12. Don Santiago says:

    I smoked cbd to quit smoking tobacco. It worked. But, in spite of using two filters it damages the lungs as well. Thus, it can be a effective way to quit nicotine addiction. Still, moderation is key. Also, doing it on dry season could worsen the cough or other pulmonary side effects.
    So, I ended up with a lot of CBD trim mix which I use to make tea or eat pure and simple. As I have a busted hip I feel it a lot better, not as well as when I smoked it, the relax sensation and mental clarity was definitely more present. Nevertheless, I sleep better, feel better and anxiety related with tobacco smoking, which was shameful in spite I was smoking less than 5 cigarettes, most of the days 3. I was a coffee drinker, fortunately I come across a study that claimed nicotine mades caffeine metabolization 3 times faster. Hence, if you are a smoker and coffee drinker, in case you quit smoking watch your coffee drinking habits. Because you’ll feel the caffeine intensely. If you drink 3 coffees a day it will feel like 9.
    Thanks for your insight. And, there is nothing wrong with your presentation. It looks like two persons doing what they like, the way they like. Cheers.

  13. Jeo says:

    When I broke my collarbone 3 years ago (and wiped out the right side of my body), I refused pain meds and took CBD oil with a little THC. Did well. With my current sprained wrist, I take CBD oil at night to help me sleep and keep from waking up with a sore, stiff wrist.

  14. giguy2002 says:

    I was looking for info on CBD oil and found your video. Good to see doctors who can still have fun at their job!
    I want to point out what I perceive to be an incorrect statement but that’s just my opinion. At 6:10 you mention people come see you mentioning high pain tolerance and then say they wouldn’t be there if they did. That may or may not be entirely correct as there are different meanings behind a high level of pain tolerance.

    Pain tolerance varies by individual and their perception of the levels of pain meaning a three for one could be a six for another. Saying you have a high pain tolerance may not necessarily refer to the pain scale of 1-10 but a tolerance to live with pain year after year. For example someone who has joint pain on a scale of 2-5 (some days better, some worse) that persists every single day of their life from after-effects of anthrax. Or damaged rotator cuffs and ligaments.

    In the military you learn to live with pain because that’s what they train you to do but after decades and as you get older there’s a point where you're just worn down and sick of pain every single day. If you’ve lived with that for 20+ years I’d say that’s a high tolerance for pain and perhaps that’s when some go to see you. After twenty years of that I’d say it would be fair to call that a high pain tolerance.

    Keep up the great work on the videos!

  15. I've never used it, but have friends who have. Some have given it to their older dogs to ease sore joints. It's available in all the large pet supply stores here in California and is easily available for humans too. Would definitely check with a doc or a veterinarian before I'd use it or give it to my dogs or cat. I really appreciate the Talking With Docs videos you make. They're so informative and also lots of fun to watch. Thank you both!

  16. Why do all the people in the Harrelson's own CBD commercials all look high? Seems like they are sending a message that it will get you High….

  17. Jesse Love says:

    Excellent interview.

  18. 123bojac says:

    “Reduced as a schedule 1 drug”. Isn’t still schedule 1 in most states? Check before you buy or use. Schedule 1 can give you prison time.

  19. What should one look for when shopping for cod oil in terms of quality?

  20. Good Cbd oil tincture I recommend
    " Papa's & Barkley "
    Amazing results

  21. The Duder says:

    Preemptive apologies to all. Below is more opinion than anything else.
    While I am glad "pot" and its associated ingredients are being decriminalized, I seriously wish they would raise the minimum legal age for the THC molecule to 25, maybe even 30.
    Without an education, without some usable life experience under one's belt, intoxicants only create problems which society in general usually has to pay for in some way or another.
    The 7 year long circus in our nation seen by the entire planet did not begin with educated minds capable of critical thought.
    It was not those with life experience who attacked our capitol. Intelligence was not behind the wheel of the lies that majority vote is somehow "theft".
    My nation had no business considering legalizing the entire plant before enforcing our compulsory education act. It's been a standing law for several generations now. Just never enforced. Now, I am watching videos of 17-19 year old children screaming at police for taking their bong and/or pot after being pulled over while not being licensed to drive.
    That sentence should not have been able to be typed out by a sane mind.

  22. Sai Kelly says:

    Great job guys, informative and balanced. And hilarious. 😂

  23. Has it proven affective for ptsd/nightmares

  24. ajd100 says:

    Is safe to smoke cannabis 4 months after surgey? Does smoking cause the implants to loosen or can i smoke in the evening to relax? No nictoine just herbs

  25. ihbarddx says:

    Seems to me that gummies would be an excellent way to deliver medications that we now administer sublingually.

  26. John Lock says:

    I have purchased CBD products from Weedborn and can recommend them to anyone.

  27. Part1 says:

    I'd be laughing too, the average salary of an orthopedic surgeon is about 181.00 dollars an hour or 7240.00 a week. Damn

  28. I'm sure you can fix yourself. Just be sure to look up Weedborn.

  29. Carl Bowles says:

    When drug companies turn CBD into a patented drug it will be heavily promoted at high price. Thank you doctors for the information.

  30. kennykanada says:

    Very informative! I’m 66 on blood-thinner (Warfarin) for 23 yrs due to mechanical AVR and pacemaker. Will CBD oil affect my INR?
    Thx! 😊

  31. Sean Work says:

    I heard it can be a bit hard on the liver to break down. Anyone out there got some science on this?

  32. Mikail Star says:

    Is cbd effective for performance anxiety?🤔

  33. Ro E says:

    Hi there! I tried CBD oil for the first-time last night. I have chronic back pain and a "new" pain in my right deltoid since covid vaccine November 2021. It started with a slight ache at the site of the shot which has been gradually getting worse over time. I thought the pain was going away by its own, but it didn't, so I took a visit to my doctor in August and told her what was going on etc. She sent me to get few tests: x-ray, EMG, and ultrasound, and all came back negative. The pain is rather debilitating and the worse is at night which keeps me from getting a full night sleep. Last week I was talking to my cousin, and she told me she was taking CBD for her pain and has been feeling great. Yesterday I tried for the first time, had no idea what to do 'cause I got it from a friend who has a neighbor who makes it. I have to tell you that I slept all night and woke up pain-free! I will try again tonight and hope it keeps working! Thank you!

  34. "The rats in my neighborhood do not have arthritis." LOL I had a couple of cats who had cancer and I was told by my veterinarian that I could try CBD oil instead of the traditional gabapentin or buprenorphine for pain. I don't know if it helped them or not. It didn't seem to hurt. It was very expensive. You guys are so adorable. I better stop watching your videos now because it's getting late, and I need to get some sleep.

  35. aashira ali says:

    nice share dear doctors…..but using cbd oil for my RA has resulted in osteoporosis… it acts like a natural steroid I think.
    I am down with pain bcoz of MCTD.
    life has become a burden to me.
    please let me know what to do.

  36. Terry Weaver says:

    Note: I remember the ads claiming this CBD Oil being so much cheaper than prescriptions, yet when I go to buy some it is roughly 2Xs the price of a Prcocet 10/325, and less than 1/2 the strength. That is if it contains any CBD Oil at all. What a rip off.

  37. Laura Sell says:

    Can I resume using my no Thc Cbd products 20 days after complete hip surgery?

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  39. xsentrik says:

    Hey guys just stumbled across your channel and I have been debating about letting my wife try this very subject she has chronic lower back pain! And now armed with knowledge that I have researched and compound that with what I watched on your channel today I'm going to move forward with some slight testing to see how it works out also I need hernia surgery and I have cash LOL I had surgery done back in 2010 but the mesh has failed and I need to do it again so if you have any free spots available or at least any advice I would love to hear it thanks for providing such great content I am now subscriber and I can't wait to see the rest of your videos warm wishes for you and your family at this holiday season.

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