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Top 5 CBD Vape Kits : CBD weed pen reviews with Vape and Juice TV

ThatCBDguy brings you another CBD video, today talking about the Top 5 CBD vape kits. Looking for the right CBD vape kit to …

11 thoughts on “Top 5 CBD Vape Kits : CBD weed pen reviews with Vape and Juice TV

  1. Check out Weedborn CBD products.

  2. The Don says:

    Iv been smoking weed for the last 8 years and had enough tbh so I started smoking CBD oil and watched you're videos to help me get started thanks for the video fantastic work

  3. Alguna pagina en linea para comprar un kit CBD a domicilio en Hesperia CA?

  4. D B says:

    Nice review!! I'm vaping Unicorn CBD from Juice Man.

  5. My buddy told me about a good CBD mod called Lokee Key Fob. Uses a 510 thread system and is very discreet.

  6. Bret Simpson says:

    Boss to the point job done sorted

  7. Benopoly says:

    Where can I get CBD vape made from bud not hemp?

  8. Jake Luna says:

    You could talk a bit slower and pronounce the names clearly. I had no clue what the names were.

  9. What would you recommend that's really simple for CBD oil. No settings.

  10. Kzpy LJ says:

    Is it possible to vape cbd with just a normal refillable rank. Example: a smok tank or tobeco

  11. Octopus Food says:

    Is there a certain vg:pg ratio for them I have a 20vg and 80pg but trying to find a vape

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