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The Health Benefits of CBD in CANNABIS: In Under 2 Minutes!

For many hundreds of years cannabis was used for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. Problem is, before scientists …

19 thoughts on “The Health Benefits of CBD in CANNABIS: In Under 2 Minutes!

  1. yoda yoda says:

    i am a clonic tonic or grand mal epileptic and am controlled.over 17yrs it took them to control my seizures so that added a few psychological disorders.i have found indica or indica dominants gets rid of the psychological part but i dont know if it helps with seizures.i might not get the seizures anymore but i do get so pretty bad cramping and some muscle twitching at times.can anyone recommend an indica that could help with these problems.cheers and happy growing

  2. 3 months ago I started taking Weedborn CBD. This is the best option for me. You can help yourself with CBD.

  3. Miss Lily says:

    3 weeks ago, I woke with the most severe sciatica I ever had and was unable to move anymore, get out of my bed. Terrifying feeling:S. Took me half hour of crying in agonizing pain to sort of get up, holding a chair nearby… I used advil, tylenol, naproxen…None really worked that well. I was in so much pain that I no longer got dressed or showered(I know gross). Decided to endure the more excruciating pain(quick shower, getting dressed lying on my bed, walking out, getting in friend's car) and went to the doctor…He prescribed anti seizure meds that work for nerve pain along with useless tylenols. I reacted very badly to the anti seizure pills and quit. Then he wanted to try antidepressants for nerve pain…I refused taking them, nope not happening. I then recalled I had this cbd oil bottle a friend had given me during Christmas. I tried it, nothing to lose at this point…and It WORKED! Took 3 times/day 0.5 mlX2 and 1ml at bedtime. First day , noticed a slight improvement. 2 days later, I was able to walk almost normal around my house, shower without much pain. Now 5 days later, I am able to go out shopping(albeit slower walk than usual lol), sit in a car and even slightly bend(carefully). Gets better and better!:) I will continue using CBD even when back to normal because I find it helps my sleep also(1 dose at bedtime). I hope this helps someone who struggles with sciatica or other pains.

  4. BMWOCanada says:

    This a great video highlighting the benefits of CBD in Cannabis. The fact that you guys could get all that info across in such a short time is amazing! We need more education on CBD and Cannabis!

  5. Then why it is illigel in many nations,such as india.on the other hand,look at alcoholic beverages,they are permitted instead of having all that detrimental effect on body.

  6. Juls 33 says:

    Long live cannabis

  7. I was able to do this with Weedborn CBD products.

  8. Have you tried to treat with Weedborn CBD products?

  9. Weedborn's CBD products are absolutely incredible!

  10. Thanks for posting.

  11. Steve steve says:

    I walk with a bad back all night on graveyard shift, a cbd gummie allows me to walk with greatly reduced back pain. It’s way better than opiod pain pills and their horrible side effects.

  12. Peter West says:

    Missed one thing:
    3 drops 💧💧💧 daily for your dogs 🐕 to prevent age-related ailments.

    With CBD, I sleep less, wake up early, yet better rested than prior to taking CBD.

  13. Déja Vū says:

    I can attest that smoking does wonders for my arthritis… and anxiety.

  14. Pureblood420 says:

    CBD Is an important part of the plant agreed, but It works best when combined with all the other compounds including THC in creating the 'entourage effect' to fight infections and disease.
    Most isolated compounds in the cannabis plant will help to a point but by using the whole plant your endocannabinoid system can fill in whats needed and send the rest to other parts of the body for the perfect symbiotic relationship between body and plant.
    Evidence is all around yet my cuntry (england) refuses to acknowledge any of it unless you can afford a private prescription and don't mind moldy nugs…

    The problem is that scientists have opinions backed by pieces of paper earned sitting at a desk instead of experience and are copying out of outdated books that have spun negativity about the plant for almost 100 years.
    90% of the information from the last 20 years has been positive yet still they peddle their socially acceptable opiods to the public.
    And as for the 1939 Cancer Act…

  15. Who else smoking a J while watching this video?

  16. Mike Kober says:

    Does. CBD help with tmj?????

  17. Jack Tufts says:

    I have heard some reports of CBD shrinking tumors and used as a topical for joint pain (arthritis). I doubt science knows of all the benefits of cannabis.

  18. ABW Flash says:

    CBD is the future! Keep it up!

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