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FAT BURN FULL BODY PILATES WORKOUT 🔥 Sculpt an Hourglass Body | 8 min

This fat burn full body pilates workout challenge will help burn fat with no equipment needed. It’s an 8 minute at home pilates …

30 thoughts on “FAT BURN FULL BODY PILATES WORKOUT 🔥 Sculpt an Hourglass Body | 8 min

  1. @LillySabri says:

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  2. @Just_keira says:

    Day one: kinda hurt, nothing changed.

  3. Will try it and will update you guyz……❤!!!

    Day1: i completed it …surely it was hard but i really enjoyed it…my arms are paining little…i just hope i will be able to complete it..

    Like the comment so tnat i can remember to do this exercise daily!! 😊

  4. I started doing pilates from yesterday but my belly hurts all day should i continue doing this?

  5. Have I gotten stronger or was this like super easy 💪✨

  6. Doing this everyday for 2 weeks (like and reply to remind me)

    Day 1(april 10th): it was pretty tough, I didn’t do them for the whole duration and felt tension in my abs after (so I know it’s working something!)

    Day 2: I was able to do the exercises for a longer duration this time but still hard

    Day 3: done

  7. @Kippo_69 says:

    Im commenting so I will actually do it
    Day one: I died had to stop
    Day two: easier didn’t have to stop but out of breath dang I’m outa shape
    Day three: walk for 30 mins then did this work out sweating so much more and focusing on form
    Day four: ran at beach
    Day five : skipped family stuff
    Day six: did before breakfast and 30 min walk later today

  8. Girls and boys!!
    GIRLS: If anyone is going through a rough patch with body image issues. it’s gonna be okay. if you wanna look like that girl that you bought your foundation because of? It’s targeted towards you, it’ll make your skin break out (not all the time) which makes you buy more of the product to cover it up. If you wanna look like that girl at school who has the hourglass, no stomach, blah blah blah. It is mostly genetics, but she could also be going through a rougher patch. Don’t buy into the shorts that tell you you’ll lose weight. Half the time it’s only temporary if at all!! It’s best to do research with people who know what they’re doing, always reach out to a doctor if you can’t, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!

    BOYS: I may be a girl but I grew up with brothers. You don’t have to change anything for that girl (or boy). Yes skincare is amazing, but acne is normal. It’s caused by the hairs in your skin getting dirt trapped in them. You don’t need to be 6’4, and have abs to be attractive. I promise the real girls will go after personalities. If you are a gym rat, remember, progress is a big thing. If you ever ever get discouraged, just remember to look on how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished.

    18 AND UNDER!: remember this. You’re still growing. All those workouts for adults aren’t necessarily the best for you! It is completely normal for you to gain 10 pounds or lose it. Your a kid/teenager, your weight will fluctuate(change frequently). And that is nothing to be ashamed of. The biggest thing is to not compare your self too hard to others.

    EVERYONE!!: Please, remember everyone goes at a different pace. And all these people you see in your page that oh you wish you were. That’s marketed towards you to feel bad. Follow people who empower you to do good, don’t follow people who make you feel awful about your body. It is normal to have stomach rolls sitting down!! It’s normal to have belly fat!! It’s normal to have a double chin when you look down!! It’s normal to not look like a stick!! Because I pinky promise you, one day when you’re out of this state of mind.. you’re gonna regret letting yourself get that bad. Don’t starve yourself, eat healthier. ❤

  9. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😊❤😊❤😊❤😊❤😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  10. Hey guys I have been doing this excise for 2 weeks and have noticed major changes, All bodies are different the changes might be slow or fast..
    Por Tip: This first time you are doing this it's OK to take breaks in between cause the first it will burn and gradually it will become easier for your body.

  11. I’ll try to do this for the the full 14 days
    Day 1. So far easy I enjoy this workout (was done twice) ❤

  12. okay im not gonna be like other ppl who forget to update 😭 i will also be doing this for two weeks straight

    current weight: 65kg
    current height: 169cm

    day 1 – js started getting familiar w the moves but it felt rlly good and it went a lot quicker w my music playing in the background

    day 2 – it felt easier cause i kinda knew what move was going next but i did struggle w the second last exercise

    day 3 – tbh I wasn’t gonna do it today bc I couldn’t be bothered but ofc i thought abt the benefits and like having the mindset if i dont do it now, then who is. i love this pilates sesh sm. it’s not too hard but like u can definitely feel a burn in some of the exercises and it also feels great to smash an exercise out w no breaks.

    day 4- i was so exhausted the entire day and i was busy so couldn’t do it sadly 🙁

    day 5- idk why but today i could feel the burn the most out of the 4 other days ive done this workout. loved it thoo

    day 6- i basically bet rotted the entire day and wasn’t feeling motivated to do it w the excuse “I’ll js do it tmmr” but then I saw a couple of tiktoks which rlly motivated me a lot. today was an absolute killer omd

    day 7- i absolutely died but yayyy 1 week done!! it still feels like im on day 4 but im very happy abt this workout x

  13. doing this for 2 months update*
    day 1:
    day 2:
    day 3:
    day 4:
    day 5:
    day 6:
    week 1:

  14. I’ve been using this every other day on my hair wash days and omg I see the changes and from my other arm toner

    Edit: DW I’m still using it! It’s useful!

  15. @katjsjsj says:

    doing this for summer!!

  16. I haven’t worked out in 2 weeks while recovering from wisdom teeth surgery and this was a great addition to my first day back!

  17. Hey! So I am going to try this for 14 days and I will keep you updated ❤

    Day 1. No change ofc and really hurts

    Day 2. No change and still hurts!!!

    Day 3. Feeling a little bit more confident in Myself 😊

  18. Day 1:Was horrihle it was so complicated
    Day 2:Eh kind of easier i saw a small change
    Day3::Woah i felt a burn in below it was tiring
    Day4:Huge change also did this twice during this day
    Day 5:Yeah i see it now
    Day6:i screwed up i had a huge dinner meal not healthy loss some progress
    Day7:fixed my schedule amd did this 4 times
    Day8: now were talkin❤
    Day9:Looks different a little

  19. @Cxdence2.2 says:

    Day 1- was burning but felt good to do!
    Day 2- I feel the burn in my stomach, but it feels good
    Day 3- MY arms are burning, but it feels good! And I took only 3 breaks!!
    Day 4- I can't believe i made it this far, but i feel good, and my arms r burning!
    Day 5- CORE is burning!
    Day 6-core is burning still, and I felt a little week doing this, but I pushed though!

  20. I love it my fat is full gone❤thank you very much❤❤❤

  21. @alvn2203 says:

    Why does my back hurt while doing this

  22. @AiZiny says:

    doing this for a month<33 (update every week)
    week 1: tired

  23. These are some of the easier exercises that I've ever done but I'm giving it a try.

  24. i started this today…(ill post reviews per day)
    DAY 1- was so toughhh…literally i completed it in40 mins or smthng….i mean i had been a lethargic until i tried out this…I BECAME ALL SWEATY AND FELT ABSOLUTELY LIFELESS.
    DAY 2- okay body was so sore. But still I tried my level best to compete it. And I took less time than the previous day. I was literally not able to climb up the stairs…my condition had been pitiable (as I said before, I was a lethargic).

  25. @Khushi_1738 says:

    Day 1 : Done ( i alr see changes )
    Day 2 : Done! It alr feels a lot easier
    Sorry i wasnt updating daily but been doing this for a while now n i surely see results cy TVA muscles have surely gotten stronger n i did lose some fat but due to health reasons i wasnt fully consistent for sure but it works

  26. Doing this for 14 days!
    Day 1-was going to do it but didn’t have time✌️
    Day 2-yessss! This was so fun as I did it with my cousin
    Day 3-cheat day…
    Day 4-

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