Tennis Fitness Training | Speed and Strength Sand Workout | Connecting Tennis

Hey! Wanted to leave here guys a routine (recommended for off season or not close to tournaments) to execute in the sand. Yes …

6 thoughts on “Tennis Fitness Training | Speed and Strength Sand Workout | Connecting Tennis

  1. Moro muito perto da praia, vou praticar.

  2. @Lildingo44 says:

    Thank you for the excellent content as usual! I am curious if you incorporate long distance base training into your weekly routine? For instance: running or biking at a controlled heart rate for 30-60 minutes. Thanks

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  4. Looks like a paradise down there in Argentina, Gaston. You suddenly remind me of my undone training today, I must go running some intervals, yikes, do dynamic planks with Federer-variations, then different abs, some medicine ball… there on the playa physical training looks like fun even if it is actually harder!

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