3 Rear Delt Exercises For FAST Growth

33 thoughts on “3 Rear Delt Exercises For FAST Growth

  1. @jager9862 says:


  2. @emo0724 says:

    I feel my triceps am i doing something wrong or? Need help

  3. @dtthept9275 says:

    I love the rear delt kickbacks to rows combo. Add in a rear swing (palms facing down), and it will fry the heck out of those delts.

  4. @99vu says:

    Finally I found my best rear deltoids exercise.

  5. My shoulders are burnin after trying number 2 and 3 🔥

  6. How's the last one different from chest supported rows?

  7. @julient749 says:

    Last 2 are very good

  8. Or do partials when you can’t do another rep

  9. He said 30 degrees for bench but it looks to be 45……make sure to do 45 otherwise the “rear delt skier” will be felt more in lats than rear delts

  10. @isaiahwertz says:

    Athlean X head ass

  11. @lyam8729 says:

    Thanks man, this is exactly what i needed

  12. Hmmm. I tried this and wondered why does it feel like my back is more activated on this exercises

  13. @Penland1234 says:

    Am I getting rear delts when I do dumb bell cobras?

  14. @fmed2412 says:

    Thank u Jeremy- literally at the gym. My trainer told me what exercise to do and walked away. So I had to quickly go on YouTube and yours was the best demonstration. BTW, 48-year-old mom trying to get in shape 💪

  15. Second exercise hit lats💀

  16. Anyone who counts to 3 with their pinky gets an insta block

  17. I don't feel my rear delts idk why. I feel my triceps or my lats. Help

  18. how do you measure angle in gym?

  19. Is it me or does the bench angle look more like a 45 degree angle eventhough he says use a 3o degree angle?

  20. @mattb6704 says:

    Haven’t checked your page in a while, you seem to have lost a lot of weight. Is everything ok?

  21. wtf the other youtuber guru literally said never do rear delt bench side lateral raises like that

  22. Thats definitely not 30 degrees lol

  23. @NiKman94 says:

    u got no rear delts bruv

  24. Says the guy w negative rear delts lol

  25. @FitMoree says:

    He said 30 degrees but then showed 45 for the second exercise?

  26. Any exercise for home?

  27. @zaidkamani says:

    The second excersize is 10/10

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