RUNDOING H2 Women's Fashion Dress Fitness/Health Blood Pressure Smartwatch: Unboxing and 1st Look

RUNDOING H2 Smartwatch Buying Link (Rundoing on AliExpress): …

43 thoughts on “RUNDOING H2 Women's Fashion Dress Fitness/Health Blood Pressure Smartwatch: Unboxing and 1st Look

  1. although I ordered such a watch, I could not find the associated paper where I know what app to download for the watch. can you tell the app name for IOS?

  2. @26052002 says:

    The watch is not conected with The Phone. What can i do to connect?

  3. Where can I order a replacement charger for this watch? Plese help me someone.

  4. @quinty209 says:

    How do I answer a call on this watch

  5. What you didn't mentioned it how bad smartwatch it is. Doesn't vibrate more than 3 times for the alarm, even for notifications. If I am sleeping and I have to go to work, his vibrations let me sleep 'till next day.
    Doesn't remember nothing, but with a photo without vibrating.
    Blod pressure ? Lol you'll go at hospital. So great it is 👎
    In my country this gadget costs almost like one from Samsung. Doesn't worth the money. For me was a bad experience, more that I brought it for someone else….

  6. How do you change the time on this thing ?

  7. Can you guide how to connect it mine is not connecting with my phone?

  8. Kullanma klavunda Turkce yazmiyo aldim ama ayarlayamiyorum

  9. I am beyond pissed! I just bought this same watch at for over $80!!! They're selling it under the name Apex Fitness Horizon, Crystal Edition.

  10. Hello gays, I a about to buy one of these smart watches, actually I already paid for it, however I was reading feebacks about the wear health, and there is a lot of people who says that the app is not currently working, is that true?

  11. I am a bit late for the party but I like your review. Nice to see an elegant smartwatch for women.

  12. No tiene volumen el reloj??

  13. Great review and user guide. Saved me time. Did not need to read the manual. Thanks

  14. Hello, how can i change clock on my watch ? Because after i connect, on my watch time is different with my phone.

  15. @AmyNyan00 says:

    On Ebay 🤣🤣🤣

  16. @bidcashcc says:

    Does it receive calls and SMS messages? Does it supports messangers from cellphone to push notifications?

  17. @Vickster283 says:

    Great video. Thanks very much for creating it. I ordered one of these watches off Amazon this morning and just thought I'd check out any videos of them on here. Looking forward to receiving it, once its arrived I'd be happy to help answer anyones questions 🙂

  18. Thank you SO much for this review. I have a similar watch from Wish, and I could not figure out how to even change the main screen!

  19. Hello. Please give a link to men's watches such as yours.

  20. how can the time be changed?

  21. Can you reply to text messages with this watch

  22. @KimJessy91 says:

    Nice Smartwatch, love it the design

  23. @dianechebat says:

    How many hours should i charge it?

  24. Can it be set to automatically take blood pressure every hour?

  25. How accurate is the calorie tracker. This is my main reason for buying the watch. Do i have to have the app open or in some type of mode to get a good reading?

  26. hi, how can i make such animation on clockface ?

  27. Good morning pass me the link where I can buy the usb clock charger

  28. @anna2999 says:

    Who knows how to monitor sleep on this watch?

  29. Lovely looking watch will it connect with my iPhone please
    Many thanks 😊

  30. Do you receive WhatsApp msgs with it?

  31. @treahak2473 says:

    How can this watch actually read your bloodpressure without built up some pressure with an strap, like doctors do? I have this smart watch but I do not believe in the bloodpressure function.

  32. @seymore1532 says:

    Nice video….what exactly does the message function do? Can I read texts on the watch, if not does it tell me who the message is from, does it notify of different platform messages like Facebook etc or only text messages? Does it notify of calls, missed calls etc? More ladies watch reviews please Cheers

  33. I have an huawei smartphone. Can I connect this watch with it?

  34. it looks so nice. i buy one today from amazone i hoop its good

  35. Can you change the strap?

  36. I've seen these on wish and I was just curious.. do you know if it helps track menstrual cycle? It's advertised as to helping with keeping track of that.

  37. Can you sell me any old kw99 /kw88/ allcall w1/w2 .
    Even one with broken screen or no battery will work since I only need the motherboard.

  38. Do you have recommendation budget smartwatch under 100dollar? I want full round display watch, rather fashion than sport watch. Any idea? Thanks for answering

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