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Vegan Chicken Recipe | Veg Chicken Recipe | KFC Style Chicken Fry | Crispy Veg Chicken Fry Recipe

Vegan Chicken Recipe | 100% Vegetarians Chicken Recipe | KFC Style Chicken Fry | Chicken Crispy Fry #sonyskitchen …

34 thoughts on “Vegan Chicken Recipe | Veg Chicken Recipe | KFC Style Chicken Fry | Crispy Veg Chicken Fry Recipe

  1. @gnani3361 says:

    Complicated recipe

  2. Bina stick ke daale to

  3. Agar onion, garlic,ka powder na ho to

  4. I love the way you do the vegan chicken I am going to try this once I get the rice paper thanks

  5. @avinash7555 says:

    Idiotic dish😂😂😂😂

  6. बना तो बहुत अच्छा है लेकिन हेल्दी नहीं है 😢😢

  7. Will prepare during this week ned and confirm

  8. Would this cause constipation??

  9. @anni4023 says:

    क्रुरुलता मुक्त

  10. @bhapkarr says:

    Very nicely explained. Will surely try to make at home 🙏

  11. Mam isse accha real chicken leg piece bana lenge 😂

  12. Lekin di aap jo gloves use krte h oh plastic ka h… Jo bhut khtarnak

  13. Wow very nice .. mai kb se aisi recipe dhundh raha tha thank you very much 😊

  14. Lol so even the vegetarians have hidden likings for leg pieces 😂. Phir why go for fake ones eat real chicken leg pieces .🤣

  15. Great work chal jae to kitne innocent animals Bach jae..n rice paper is good for eating n for health?

  16. Mam u are really talented

  17. Huh, how is this vegan ? Your adding cheese to it

  18. हमें चिकेन शब्द से पीछा छुड़ाना चाहिए , ये शब्द ही लोगों के जीभ को तरसाता है और मुंह में लार बनाने का काम करता है, लोग , जीभ के स्वाद के गुलाम हमें नहीं बनना चाहिए।
    जीव के स्वाद के चक्कर में ही हम अपने किचेन का खर्चा बढ़ा चुके हैं, जीभ का स्वाद हमें ले डूबेगा।

  19. Personally I wouldn't do all that but I believe you that it would be good

  20. @mr.miss2873 says:

    It looks same, does it taste same???? 😂😂

  21. Pani thanda hoga ya normal?
    Maida ke aate ko dhone ke liye

  22. April fool recipe 😂❤

  23. Gluten is very very unhealthy,dip diet,

  24. Rice paper ka much alternate he??

  25. Bahot hi mast receipe hai ye thank u share karne ke liye

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