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Easy Vegan One-Pot Dinners

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42 thoughts on “Easy Vegan One-Pot Dinners

  1. Half of these are ones that they posted in another video already this is fake

  2. The barbarous frame complimentarily fix because willow definitely trade off a amazing east. rustic, expensive lotion

  3. That is not stroganov 😭 lol

  4. Fun fact: split pea soup is actually a gourmet version of Khichdi from Indian Cuisine! Have fun y'all!

  5. @COZYTW says:

    Are there recipes that don't use onion or garlic? Allium allergy here

  6. I can verify that the creamy dairy-free pasta is amazing. That’s my family’s go-to meal!

  7. I couldn't get my meatballs to keep shape 😭 should I add more breadcrumbs?

  8. Review on Lasagna soup:

    sucked. texture was weird, tasted weird, but maybe im a bad cook idk

  9. @gars3224 says:

    You never once stirred the middle of the pot… couldn’t be me

  10. That’s a lot of oil.

  11. Why did you guys repeat two from the other video??

  12. @SamirCCat says:

    I feel so sorry for the people who don't like onions fried in olive oil…

  13. @Shovlaxnet says:

    Swedish Balls cuz they don't have any meat in them

  14. @veganmocha says:

    i am so doing the stroganoff

  15. @theokirkley says:

    Those Swedish meatballs look amazing!

  16. Just as a rule of thumb, if you're gonna upload cooking videos, maybe add the measurements for all the ingredients, not just some.

  17. @Stranded73 says:

    Love love love your recipes, but wish you played the videos only half as fast!

  18. @Stranded73 says:

    Freakin' awesome (except I boycott walmart for their oppressive business tactics)…

  19. Can you do a low calorie vegan meals video?

  20. @gwnik9758 says:

    For how many persons are these recipes?

  21. I'm not vegan, but all these foods look so good and making me hungry!😋😋😋😋

  22. Do you even know what Stroganoff means?

  23. so far i have made the stroganoff and the lasagna soup and both are AMAZING !! next is the meatballs ! thanks for all the great step by step vegan recipes ! loves em 😤💓

  24. @kilppa says:

    I made the first recipe today but a bit modified, I used wholemeal fusilli pasta, and left out the white wine and worcestershire sauce, as I'm on a budget, and replaced them with a bit of apple wine vinegar and some soy sauce. I added 1/4 cup more of almond milk. It was delicious, thanks!

  25. @bhistar says:

    I made the Lasagna Soup recipe for dinner tonight and it was amazing! I didn’t have to add salt to it or anything. By far my favorite Tasty recipe I have tried. The meal didn’t leave me feeling hungry or bloated. Thank you, Tasty! Keep up the good cooking😁

  26. You lost me at liquid smoke

  27. I just had my dinner n it made me hungry again😜

  28. @Ruby_Coast says:

    Okay, these foods look really good, but the music sounds like a knock-off Two Door Cinema Club song.

  29. @AnCS. says:

    Do Tasty usually reuse clips this often? Definitely seen the Swedish meatballs in a video before.

  30. @annas8992 says:

    Can i use other milk than almond milk?

  31. that tomato and spinach pasta looks good but why the nutritional yeast?

  32. @alzerea1091 says:

    Yummmm delicious!! It's easy to be vegan with all this yummy ness!

    Plus you're saving animals I all works perfectly!!

  33. Easy, minimal ingredient vegan dinners please

  34. @persimmonss says:

    why do ppl hate vegans and feel the need to attack them?

  35. Oh that looks absolutely delicious

  36. Thank you! I'm definitely trying these recipes

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