Christmas Special Recipes – Quick & Easy Snacks & Desserts | Cakes, Cookies & Desserts for Christmas

Fruit And Nut Cake Recipe: Banana Pancake Recipe: …

32 thoughts on “Christmas Special Recipes – Quick & Easy Snacks & Desserts | Cakes, Cookies & Desserts for Christmas

  1. @sp-mf9hu says:

    You guys still get new recipes, my mom repeats the same uppittu every now and then saying, 'what else to do'..

  2. Finally I saw your face 😊in idly cover

  3. @jra6500 says:

    Cup cake ,1, 2, and 3 tier cake roll cake videos oven and cooker preparation upto bottom videos podunga

  4. Hebbars….U Alwys Rock!🤝
    Ur Humility will undoubtedly tk U to gr8 places!👍
    Gifts r wat a man/ woman has n Grace is wat he/ she is!
    Happy New Year!🎉🎊💐

  5. Very good 👍😊😊

  6. Replace maida with wheat flour

  7. @easy_foods says:

    Amazing recipes 😊

  8. Can I bake the cookie in the oven?

  9. Ma'am gluten free recipe bhi share kre pls..

  10. @nishaaji829 says:

    Dear I didn't argue with anyone…. everyone have the rights to express there concerns on social media platforms….it's better to not react in a sarcastic way

  11. Face reveal hogye 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  12. 🌿🪷25 دسمبر کو کوئی ایسا کارنامہ سر انجام نہ دیں کہ آپ مسلمان ھونے کا فخر ھی کھو بیٹھیں،اور کافروں کی صف میں جا ملیں۔۔
    یاد رکھیں!!
    ایسے موقع پہ عیسائیوں کو گفٹ دینا،لینا،کیک کھانا ،غرض کچھ بھی کرنا،آپ کو دائرہء اسلام سے خارج کر دے گا،کیونکہ آپ نے تسلیم کیا کہ نعوذباللہ ،نعوذ باللہ 25دسمبر کو اللہ نے بیٹا جنا۔۔۔اعوذ باللہ من الشیطٰن الرجیم ۔۔۔اللہ سے ڈرئیے اور دل وجان سے اس عقیدے کو رد کریں،اور ان عیسائیوں کی تقریب میں شامل مت ھوئیے۔۔۔🌿🪷

  13. @sandeepcblr says:

    👌🏻😋 yummy 😋🤤

  14. Excellent recipe 🎉❤❤❤

  15. Super excellent demonstration.

  16. How much heat should we use for the burfi

  17. Hi hebbar, how come no more new recipes since 4 days ago? I check every morning.

    Watching your recipes is how I learned how to cook when I first got married. Please don't ever stop uploading more recipes. ❤

  18. Very Informative at right time. Thanks

  19. @adream5233 says:

    Are you male or female

  20. @Qureshii_17 says:

    Waaaoo delicious recipes 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  21. Thank you mam, nice Cake

  22. Very nice recipes…can you pls tell me What can we take instead of orange juice? Pls reply ma'am

  23. Yummy recipe, I need to try it out 😋 thanks for sharing!

  24. @maryryan says:

    Brilliant recipes 👌
    All are so yummy….
    You are truly talented ❤️ 💖

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