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Bigger Back Workout

This was one of my favorite back sessions I’ve done in quite some time. Try throwing it into you schedule! #Lats #Fitness #Shorts .

47 thoughts on “Bigger Back Workout

  1. @DavisDiley says:

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  2. @joedstaaa says:

    Thank you for the tips 💪🏽

  3. I hate when I don’t get sore after a great back workout! Makes me feel like I didn’t do anything 😕

  4. GYM

    1) bench press 110kg now 80kg

    2) chest press 70kg now 45kg

    3) squats 120kg now 80 kg

    4) legectention 20 now 14

    5) biseps rop pull down 28 now 21

    6) rop pull down 25 now 18

    7) pull up with no support (now(9))

    8) mechain fly's 17 now(9)

    9) triceps cable pull down 10 now 5 (rop)

    10) dumbbell bench press 35kg now15kg

    11) incline pench press 80 kg now 50 kg

    12) biceps barbell curls 30 kg now 20 kg

  5. Question: when you suggest workouts, do u mean for us to donall of them in one gym session or chose one?

  6. My local gym dont have most the machines that you use

  7. bro couldn't afford a 3d model so he sculpted his own back for demonstration ❤️🥶

  8. Very lat heavy workout that

  9. By wich programs you editing your productions.

  10. @D.Cole808 says:

    Grips way too wide on pull ups

  11. Love the wide grip assist machine

  12. What do you mean falling away from you ??

  13. @blaze26700 says:

    His voice sound like TV series "ARROW"

  14. Bro what's the story about your calves?? I wanna know 🤨

  15. Dude- you’re a beast, and your intel is awesome. Keep the vids coming! You’re changing my workouts more than Mike Metzner. – and I admire the hell outta that guy!🤙

  16. @AR-fy2qo says:

    Great vids achievable and no bull

  17. This guy has found a gym with infinite gym equipments and I'm losing my mind over it everytime I see new one…because my gym has very few. 😂😂

  18. Why cambered if your hands are flat…FOH this guy's entertainment…no knowledge

  19. You can find me in da club

  20. @upsstome says:

    Truly intuitive and amazing content !!

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  22. Best internet coach ever

  23. @_Virvu_ says:

    Gotta respect this guy cuz he actually natty and is jacked

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  25. I tried this today! It was hard for me haha

  26. @carrito5889 says:

    Are you natural🧐?

  27. @MeMeZ-R says:

    Bro got that demon back at the end of the video

  28. @ujjwal8417 says:

    Improvement:- too much background music voice is not much Clear .. improve it in ur next video

  29. Why wide pullups assisted?

  30. @byronp8158 says:

    Why is the music so loud, and whos birthday is it anyways?

  31. @73SINNER says:

    Ok so I watched a different YouTube dude say camber lat pull downs was “the best bicep work out? Didn’t make sense to me but

  32. Bro you are jacked why can't you do pull ups?

  33. Never realized how huge this guys lats were

  34. @Dawton18 says:

    You have a beautiful back, man. I hope mine looks like this soon. I really think my mobility/ mind muscle connection is what is inhibiting my growth. I never feel the muscles contracting in my back.

  35. @6shot9 says:

    You know you’re strong when your lats look like Gundam vents

  36. There are so many back exercises I don't understand which ones to do

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