22 thoughts on “The best snack #shorts

  1. “Then your gonna add butter I don’t know how much this is”😂😂

  2. @corc7931 says:

    Apples: I don't have them.
    Butter: My mom won't let me take it.
    Flour: I'm not sure if what I have is flour.
    Cinnamon: I don't have powdered cinnamon.
    Oven: Once again, my mom won't let me use it.

  3. @Luke-sv7bz says:

    Is that a guy or girl

  4. @sheesh2197 says:

    Bro lost me when he started cutting apples.

  5. Bro this snack brings back so many memories because when I was 5 and my sister was 9 after school my grandma use to pick us up because my parents were at work and my grandmas house was right by our school and when she picked us up and we went to her house we use to ask her if she could make us apple slices with peanut butter and she would make some for us and it was just such an memory…

  6. He didn’t tell us how long to put it in the oven so I’m putting it in the microwave for 40 seconds😂

  7. I put ice cream on it and it was amazing

  8. i make cookies instead!!!
    mix 2 mashed bananas with some oats and add in some honey (or syrup wtv u prefer) and some cut up apples. take a spoon, u dont even have to make the shapes just take a spoonful of the ''batter'' and put it on some baking sheet and bake til the cookies are a little browner and warm

  9. didn’t know the bills quarterback was good at making snacks too

  10. @Nayelipavia says:

    How long in the oven for at what temperature??

  11. Whaaaaaaaaaaa. Oh my gosh that is good dddddddd❤❤❤❤❤

  12. i swear he is 1 of my fav youtubers andhe reminds me ofmy friend decoda

  13. @FROG.ACTION says:

    Bro never said how hot and how long(for oven)

  14. @Typical2000 says:

    god damn your forehead is big

  15. i tryed it i comfirem its so good its a good yummy taste and churnchy

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