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What 10k steps did to my body 🧨 #shorts #weightlossjourney #stopthehate

WATCH MY 3 MONTH PROGRESS!! https://youtu.be/IFnVO6MVOoQ Hey, I’m just trying to figure it out along the way… Just like …

46 thoughts on “What 10k steps did to my body 🧨 #shorts #weightlossjourney #stopthehate

  1. @teabag1155 says:

    How do some people burn 1000 calories a day that is beyond me.Burning 300 calories feels like a big task

  2. @helenak0 says:

    “I just lost some weight so I will reward myself by gaining it back”

  3. @Xyz10_ says:

    "Junk food is not a reward, it's a punishment"

  4. so you're ruining all of your efforts eating that bullshit ass junk food 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Eat those wings no matter what

  6. Wow very nice apnar dud gulu 😮😮😢

  7. I used to wear those belly button things they claim to help loose stomach idk about that

  8. @mimvsa3521 says:

    I bet if I did this the chicken wings would come out cold and tasteless just because

  9. @CmCm-uz8gu says:

    I think people don’t understand that she’s not saying she has to work for food. She’s using this thing food that she really loves to help her push forward and if it if it works for her then I think it’s ok you never know people are different some people that would not help but some people that would help so honestly I don’t think it’s a problem that she rewarded herself with a yummy meal

  10. Ew you’re still fa++++

  11. Thats so unhealthy to reward yourself with food. You'll only gain the weight back.

  12. U looking so gorgeous and sexy ❤

  13. @doitall1201 says:

    If you’re trying to inspire people to lose weight, don’t eat on some fucking wings and some fries with ranch please I just got a craving

  14. This is irrational lmfao

  15. So for 30 days I will be running at school breaks like Pe recess, or after lunch break I will be running and my treat for that will be that I will get me a soda and a bag of little candy so that’s what I would do ❤ I want to loose weight but I’m not. Really good at it but this will help because Christmas is in 30 days so I will help myself and for because I’m at home and there’s one more day till I can come back to school so at home I’ll be running for 1 more day till sorry I will be running around the house 5 times 😊

  16. @moss.1547 says:

    But the thing is people have to remember if you don’t exercise the top part of your body and just the lower part of your body you look like a cartoon version of a gorilla the legs are tiny and the torso is massive you’re just the other way around if you don’t work out that top half like how people say you skip leg day you keep that up your body is gonna look disproportioned. Because you skipped arm, chest and stomach day you just doing leg day.

  17. Idc what anyone says. Deep fried food is absolutely a reward 🤣

  18. I do like 15k steps a day, probs why I don't gain weight and have no idea why

  19. @halieransom says:

    Food isn't a reward.

  20. Unfortunately i always thought rewarding oneself with food is good. Its like allowing myself to eat anytime will be 3 to 4 times a month. But like this it will be once a month. Not to mention other unhealthy foods i will eat through month.
    30 days of healthy food. And 1 day of unhealthy.
    Its like rewarding. Depends what ur needs are. For someone eating out is normal and eating fast food is normal. Not in my cultural house. So for me these fancy foods are like reward. Secondly. Its all about dopamine. For someone wings are dopamine for others makeup is dopamine.
    And i think. If i have to spend 20 dollars i will spend on food i guess. Its fulfilling and instant. Rather than some thing that will lose its meaning slowly. Idk. But this food reward system makes different meaning in me.


  22. How many minutes did you walk?

  23. @july3817 says:

    I want to go on my 10K step journey. However I had hip surgery like two months ago so I need to take it a bit more slowly. Hopefully I can walk without pain soon. Walking is such a great exercise!

  24. no hate but whats on the belly button?

  25. Everyone is so nagitive 😂 Fei deserves those wings,she worked hard,who the hell cares how she rewards herself,none of you are her doctor

  26. Dont listen it can be exercised off.

  27. The first video that actually motivated me

  28. Ive been on a diet for a week now and ive been seeing less bloating right now! But i must be homest, cutting sugar, junk, and energy stuff have just been heartbreaking.

  29. If I reward myself like this I'll start to gain weight again 😂❤

  30. As a blue collar, I walk atleast 12-13k steps before I am even off work. Then I workout after that. Seems people struggle with something so easily doable.

  31. @btea4 says:

    What did you put on your belly button?

  32. I love the fact that people are waking up and realizing that “food as a reward” is not a healthy mindset. Just like how “cheat days” are literally just planned binges.
    Food = fuel
    Food ≠ reward
    As a wise person once said: Why are you using food as a reward? You’re not a dog.

  33. @anrowari says:

    Everyone in this comments section is so miserable. She is trying to lose weight. Working out makes you hungrier, so she needs to be mindful of that and eat high calorie foods less often. Otherwise, you continue to think, "oh, it's fine, I can have this, I'm working out!" and over time, rather than losing weight, you gain weight. I know this from experience. As long as she isn't starving, saving foods like wings for special occasions is completely reasonable. This sort of body positivity helps no one. It is like trying to handcuff people so they stay as large and miserable as you.

  34. How much time do you have to walk a day to reach the goal ?

  35. Are the patches working, i see you are wearing one. Im doing between 3 and 6 miles daily and i can use the extra help suppressing appetite. Lets know, please do an update 🙏

  36. @shelly9 says:

    when you said wings I pictured like costume angel wings for some reason 😭

  37. @Arty.m8907 says:

    don’t reward yourself with food you’re not a dog

  38. Are u using that chinese belly slips

  39. You had some help evidence check her bellybutton it's a herbal nut for fatloss

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