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Stop Binge Eating Permanently Sleep Hypnosis to Reprogram your Mind to Never Binge Again Lose Weight

Retrain your mind to stop binge eating permanently using hypnosis as you sleep. It’s very hard to rely just on willpower to change …

49 thoughts on “Stop Binge Eating Permanently Sleep Hypnosis to Reprogram your Mind to Never Binge Again Lose Weight

  1. Hi I have been doing this for 3 weeks now x I am no longer snacking and have lost 17 pounds so far this is amazing xx thankyou so much xx

  2. what happens if i don’t stay awake for all 3 hours of it?

  3. @theophany77 says:

    🎉I love everything about this video. The narrator's voice is like velvet. Her pacing maintains a peaceful atmosphere for going deep in hypnosis.. I actually began liking my body for the first time in 64 years! I see it as a separate entity that needs love. Well done!

  4. I have been enjoying this and i think it's helping even after 4 times. i would like to offer this for consideration: podsibly rethink the picture/ thumbnail depicting the "classic and perfect body" it goes against what we should be doing here imo. Did anyone else have this thought??

  5. @samamkh says:

    Is it effective for non english people??

  6. @trishm4514 says:

    Thankyou so much Helen at Progressive Hypnosis

    This hypnosis is working for me!!…I felt and continue to feel the shift internally, a truly helpful kickstart to healthy weight loss….I really feel motivated to continue down this path. So helpful!! Atm i will continue listening been over 2 weeks now each night. I am losing significant weight!! I literally FEEL this working, unlike other methods. So powerful …What i needed, May it also help many others
    xx ❤❤

  7. @lead2889 says:

    Do you listen to entire 3 hours every day to be effective?

  8. Just to be sure… I can play this when I’m about to sleep or do I need to be fully awake and allow it to make me sleep?

  9. Hello I start tonight 1st time God please 🙏 help me and protect me ❤

  10. I started a diet beginning of July. I still had cravings for binging. It was difficult. I would have cheat days to binge. I listened to this once so far yesterday evening and the thought of binging isn’t even appealing today!
    I shall listen to this every night. The voice is soothing, the music calming and the messages just what I needed to hear. Great vid! Thank you!

  11. God sent this to me. As I got in bed I thought about how I hate binge/emotional eating. I’m praying this helps me and anyone else here who needs it❤

  12. I lost 9 pounds thank you so much ❤️❤️

  13. @iluvdamon69 says:

    I have an extreme bingeing issue, especially since I smoke weed and get insane munchies, which I still go to the gym but am not losing any weight obviously. Will update if this works for me, I hope it does,

  14. @jcamp2177 says:

    I heard about ten minutes of this tape and then fell deeply asleep!! Because I love on my own I have got into bad eating habits. I want to lose a stone to start with, but I'm 76 so I don't want to look haggard. I will definately keep going! Thank You so much. xxxx

  15. @edstasis says:

    Today is day one. 9/10/23

  16. Wow 😯 your mind is powerful

  17. @trishmartin says:

    First time listening. Great session

  18. @hsh3840 says:

    I have seriously lost a STONE in 3 WEEKS listening this (and one other). I knew the mindsets, not faddy diet rules, but I always battled them in that urge-to-eat moment. I’m aiming to go from 12½ st to about 10. I feel ‘new’ already. Seriously a whole new easy healthy mindset. Amazing. THANK YOU for being what I needed!

  19. how is different then your other videos like your other weight loss hypnosis beside the stopping binge eating

  20. I'm starting this September 4 2023. I have been emotional eating and gained a lot of weight and cant seem to break out of it so I'm going to see how i go over 30 days

  21. This is my favourite it really resonates with much of what goes on with emotional and binge eating …. Iv called my binging part Self destruct

  22. Iv successfully cut sugar out of my diet from listening to the cut sugar out after 2/3 weeks I’m now 4 nights into this and I’m feeling very positive of the results I find it helps me if I mentally repeat after you the affirmations x Thank you x

  23. Can you listen to this while your sleeping? How successful is this? I’ve been struggling the binge eating disorder for years now and really need help before I get worse I’m now 127kg 🥺

  24. Is the only way to download this for offline use to buy the entire $29.99 set?

  25. ‼️Hey, I've lost 30lbs since I started listening to this. I don't listen to it everyday but I listen to it a lot. Along with another manifestation video of this channel's. I believe this works.

    Edit: update, I had stopped listening to it for a month and gained 15lbs back. 😭 I'm going to start again now, will update in the future. Lol

  26. Here cause BED is back and I’m trying to stop it before it’s too late

  27. Early days but .. I listened to this last night (not fully, eventually my phone turned off) I didn’t snack all day or eat past the point of feeling full that I felt sick. When I was bored, I was able to identify that’s when I’d usually eat but weirdly just didn’t feel like eating as an activity. It’s been a habit for so long everyday that it’s shocking I didn’t do it today.

  28. Does it matter if I fall asleep

  29. @Xa-vierart says:

    im 17 years old and i been struggling with binge eating dis scince i was 14 years old ivve try horribal diets just to binge abnd gain all the weight back i really want to make the change.

  30. @kurnal1983 says:

    Changed my life I will never eat the same ever again. "Unless you physically trip and your face lands in a box of donuts, there is no such thing as a 'slip'." Get that mind set and you'll win again and again.

  31. 5-10 minutes of listening I find myself sleeping and I wake up in the middle and then sleep again. Is it okay?

  32. Ummm I think this is actually working. I started it about 1 week ago, after some weird dreams (I guess the breaking through my subconscious part) I've noticed It's taking me longer than usual between meals to feel hungry again. Im not excessively overweight My goal is to lose about 25 to 30lbs in time for a Sept wedding. I'm already down 3lbs. So fingers crossed.

  33. I've tried this all day today. It works. I stare at junk food all day at work. I resisted all of it today. Thank you for this👍😊

  34. Food for me was very disordered and obsessive. As well as overall exhausting. I’ve healed most of what was plaguing me and cashing me to do it so I’ve lost the extra weight but not I still have to break that habit of emotional eating (boredom eating for example)

    Day 1: ❤

  35. @blairjr2570 says:

    Hard to do this when ads interrupt 😅

  36. @lealea1984 says:

    So I have been doing this for 8 weeks now and I am still Stuffing my face pretty much every night. I assume it won't work for me

  37. @salmonjanet says:

    Wait… I need. To move from my relaxing chair to my bed..

  38. I m going to listen every day and report after a month how i did!!❤🎉🥰

  39. @ellemaye says:

    Have noticed good things like not so many cravings feeling fuller going for water more but when I do have the food in front of me already I eat normal as in I had some sugary bread ate it all and ate dinner after a day of making sure I ate heathy but I think overal this helps but it’s not going to be the key to weight loss

  40. I’m a homeschooling mom, and a remote telemarketer. Binge eating is my reasoning for being here. I work out every morning m-f, and drink lots of water, my job tends to make me lazy because I’m always mentally drained, and it makes my body exhausted. Take the mind, the body follows, so I am here to start. I removed all snacks, breads, and sweets. I’m not a meat or dairy eater, so I will give this a week or 2, and edit hopefully I see results. Plateau is nothing nice to experience.

  41. I noticed when I think of food it quickly goes away and I resist the urge to eat just to eat… I have found myself taking off the bread just to have the meat or picking better choices… I can always tell when I have to listen again cuz I’ll go for the sweets and over do it and feel guilty and as soon as I listen again I’m fine…

  42. @Adam-nj8mz says:

    I know all the comments say it works, and I’m a person who tends to be skeptical and I didn’t buy it, but I said what do I have to lose, just give it a chance. On the first few weeks you see crazy weight loss results, I can’t explain it. The unhealthy way i I used to think of food simply vanished. After a while I kept losing but much slower and steady. I have lost 25 kilos in half a year listening to this nearly every night. I still come here every once in a while or when I think I’m starting to eat unhealthy again and it always always always work. The weight loss itself didn’t appear magically, it was a result of an active job, smaller food portions and some exercise. But all these three weren’t close to possible before I started listening to this, it plays with your mind and your mind becomes smart with food and you start making better health decisions. This is pure magic. Brilliant, thanks and good luck for everyone that is starting the magical journey

  43. This literally worked. Not one single binge urge or the desire to eat. I’m going to listen to this every night now

  44. @lauras1878 says:

    Such a great voice for hypnosis! ♥️

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