Growing Marijuana Song (Very Funny) Lyrics In Description!

Lyrics!!!! I’m growing marijuana in my yard I’m growing marijuana in my yard. I’ve got little pots of pot – Spread out all over the lot …

42 thoughts on “Growing Marijuana Song (Very Funny) Lyrics In Description!

  1. It's all about your dirt some say savior manure..
    I say fruity pebbles cereal in a compost pile grape juice to water watch your P.H. charcoal coffee grinds always good for soil..stay tuned I'll teach the bomb in crabshell…
    Wake n bake

  2. Mean time tequila moon rises March 7th 2023…..

  3. More you grow… prices go low…..tell dispensers flux come October

  4. Actually I'm growing in my tent right now lol!

  5. Why can we brew our own home brew beers but we can't legally grow some homegrown personal use marijuana πŸ™ Really pisses me off.

  6. @baraka490 says:

    The original is better

  7. Some lad in my English class was singing something so I searched up this thinking it was that. boy was that a sign from God up there

  8. @kevinb8346 says:

    Can I get permission to use this song for a grow show podcast for the intro

  9. Well I beg your pardon if you're offended by my garden, but I just can't grow prozac in my yard.

  10. How have I just found this πŸ˜‚ brilliant

  11. whos growing in their yards in 2019

  12. This is too funny πŸ˜‚

  13. My friend got in trouble for laughing his guts out in his college library whilst listening to this in study hour

  14. Haha its growing in my yard!

  15. The best song ever made πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ

    2 DAY PRIORITY MAIL! Top of the line strains

  17. So mabe i am who does not lol jkjk are am i lol good song lol

  18. I love it! over grow the government!

  19. @89tuber says:

    overgrow the government lol!

  20. @Lockd010 says:

    I'm growing marijuana in my yard!
    Greetings from Holland

  21. I listened to this while injecting 4 blunts. best hit ever

  22. I have that flag in my room too! I'll smoke to that! Shout out from Colorado! Peace!

  23. @C00LX100 says:

    Never mind the president, lets overgrow the government, and i'll grow marijuana in my yard!

  24. I am an actual real house cat. After I take a bong-hit I SWEAR I can type in English for about 60 secmeow meow meow meow meow…

  25. there should be a cocaine song version of this!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  26. there should be a cocaine song version of this!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  27. @Grmto says:

    Man, this is the best song I have heard in a long time got me smiling like a crazy person:)

  28. chi chi chi i see dead people:)))

  29. @laurax6381 says:

    Lmao that picture is a banner I have on my wall (:

  30. Marijuana is the best flower ever, fuck all doctors that just wanna scribe pills to you, fuck that shit… if i wanted pills….. i wouldnt come to you….. marijuana is where its at.

  31. If y'all just rolled a joint and smoked it, you wouldn't be so hostile.

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