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20min Barbell Workout FOLLOW ALONG

This 20min Barbell Workout can also be done with Dumbbells as a follow along at home or in the gym giving you a great full body …

39 thoughts on “20min Barbell Workout FOLLOW ALONG

  1. @DaVande07 says:

    do these help arms?

  2. Definitely the first vid im going to when i buy a barbell

  3. im just about to start this so how much weight should i aim for please?

  4. At I appreciate that barbell workout my back is killing me 😂

  5. @ivijulsc says:

    I started following this workout 1 week ago 🙂
    Quesiton, wich one of your stretch videos would you recommend after this barbell workout?

  6. Wooh! That was actually very intense and I like it. Will do it again tomorrow and see how I feel.

  7. New here.. thx alot. Good feeling

  8. I'm new – in Sydney Australia, loved this workout. Interested in where to start with dumbbells. Cheers

  9. I’m 54, fat and have no wind. Tried this today as my “new me regimen” Got to 17 min without wanting pass out. I used to turn heads on the beach 30 years ago. Now I’m just a fat bast@rd. Enough is enough. Making a video journal.

  10. I am new to the channel and gave this one a try, I was looking for follow along workouts compatible with heavy weights – I do hiit style training but it’s not delivering the results I want, but I don’t have the capacity to do the programming myself. This really fit the bill, I found it challenging but not impossible and enjoyed the AMRAP at the end to really see how far I could push myself. I only managed half as many rounds as Tom with lower weights but it was killer for me and that’s what matters. Will be trying some of the other follow along workouts now too 👍🏻 thanks!

  11. Damn my Apple watch was going crazy the whole time. Did it twice to make it 40 and looking forward to do doing more

  12. @PopTiger. says:

    This workout can build muscle?

  13. Peto does this build strength or mostly endurance bro???

  14. Really does workout u are so so right👌👍

  15. Hi thank you so much m frm Mozambique hve started today js finish doing ur exercise nw nd likeeeeeee it very very much

  16. I have been wanting to start strength training for a while as I lost 34 pounds! My dad had an old but, well kept barbell set lying around and this was such a good workout!! Thank you ❤

  17. @JonRumens says:

    I just got a barbell and this was an awesome workout to start with! It's amazing what you can do in just 20 minutes! Thanks Tom! 👋👋

  18. @pattih808 says:

    New to the channel. First barbell workout in awhile and it was terrific! Thanks so much. I’ll be back for more! 😁

  19. @yu-kun4201 says:

    Can I do this but two repeations only, and have more rest after the first full sets? I’m just a beginner and apparently the weights in my house is quite too heavy for a beginner like me. Maybe I can try buying a lighter weight and do the work out for 20 minutes or I can use my old too heavy one and stick with 10 minutes until I can do more with less rest. What do you think? Thank you for any response! :>

  20. @donting24 says:

    Loved this, did about half of these, hope to complete all tomorrow

  21. loved this, had to do it with barbell only. Will work towards adding plates to 65lbs.

  22. @marielazard says:

    New to your channel… AMAZING WORKOUT! Will be back tomorrow. Thank you for doing a great job!

  23. Awesome. What I needed. First channel I've seen with follow along barbell training

  24. @matsy1000 says:

    My overhead press max is a lot lighter than my squats, row and deadlifts? Should i keep it the same weight or increase after each?

  25. Gonna try the time and the full body engagaement. Thanks for this vid and the clear cut directions!!!

  26. Great workout! Managed to get all the way to the last minute of the AMRAP before stopping. Been a while since I did weight training so went with 23KG on the barbell and it seemed pretty good. This is my new lunchbreak workout!

  27. @enquirer5 says:

    First time! The push I needed…EXCELLENT!!!

  28. Good evening Tom. Thoroughly enjoyed the workout you posted. Brilliant stuff. 👏

  29. new here! tried it for the first time with an empty barbell and the last part is still super hard!

  30. @shankar789 says:

    Man this is so awesome!

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