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12 minutes (Instant -Pot) DAL Recipe | SUPER EASY | Healthy!

What recipes do you miss that your mom made for you? DAL is a staple dish eaten in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. I guess …

27 thoughts on “12 minutes (Instant -Pot) DAL Recipe | SUPER EASY | Healthy!

  1. Want to try with regular pot

  2. @City_Pige0n says:

    Natural release at 12 mins or rapid?

  3. @sunnyvasic says:

    can you use carrots or green peppers in the recipe as well?

  4. Can I make this in a pot woth a lid? Please 🥺

  5. How long do you cook it

  6. @asht7899 says:

    If it's an Indian recipe then use red onion

  7. could you tell what option to select in instant pot

  8. What are the settings on the instantpot?

  9. No amount for the beans?!!😢

  10. How long can this last in the fridge? Would this be a good dish to bring in a lunch box? I'll be cooking for one person so this pot would probably last for a couple of meals.

  11. What language is he fucking speaking in.

  12. @vondy6563 says:

    Looks so good! Making soon ❤

  13. Could you provide a written recipe please? Thank you!

  14. @rozina246 says:

    I don't know where are you from. I always cook daal (lentils) exactly this way. I also mix 2/3 types (sometimes more) of daal. It's not only delicious, but very healthy food.

  15. ghee is not plant based. Its clarified butter made from cow milk.

  16. لو أكو ترجمة بألعربي أحسن ✨

  17. Do people know how to speak well anymore. There's literally 0 punctuation in your speech 🙄

  18. @monicad2675 says:

    This looks so delicious!!! Can’t wait to try it.

  19. Cooked this up today for my daughter's Birthday. So delicious!

  20. What is the cup ratio for daal to water? Is it 2 cups of daal to 6 cups of water?

  21. Help please what do I hit on the crick pot stew? Or pressure cook??

  22. @kp782 says:

    Just made it was awesome! It will be staple food for me. Thank you!!

  23. Amazing recipe nice 👍 please see this https://youtu.be/0rwL7NwiQ58

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