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11 Food To Eat During Pregnancy For an Intelligent Baby

Foods to eat during pregnancy for an intelligent baby. Our channel help to manage the people health condition and community …

49 thoughts on “11 Food To Eat During Pregnancy For an Intelligent Baby

  1. Food doesn't generate your child's intelligence; regardless of what you eat their IQ will depend on the genetic factors of the mother and father , as well as lifestyle experience. You can eat all these great foods but if either parent had a learning disability so will the child, and if they're not taught things they will be stupid either way .

  2. @jkidd1982 says:

    If you're an idiot no matter how many nuts and eggs you eat, you're still gonna end up with a little Beavis. Just be a good example, children do what they see.

  3. I can't stomach fish, eggs, thank God I have only just started consuming milk, can't stomach all vegetable, used to eat carrots but now I vomit it, and I'm short of iron I think that's why I'm so exhausted, what can I do

  4. @LadyLowe321 says:

    Mostly great video, however they showed the kind of cheese pregnant women CAN’T eat: brie cheese (and ANY soft cheese that was mold-ripened and have that white coating on the outside). We absolutely can’t eat that while pregnant.

  5. Ladies eat this food and prepare for CS

  6. Am in my first trimester and i really hate the smell of the eggs i dont know why🤮

  7. I eat several items with my first and second son my sons are really smart learn something new every day. Thanks for the video 📹 found it be very informative and educational take care.

  8. Good bless you akkaya annaya amma nanna lanu adareke amenu amenu amenu

  9. I’m happy all of these foods ( except for the pumpkin seeds ) are in my pantry luckily and I consume them very frequently ❤

  10. God should be first then it is okay to…

  11. @nooshi6698 says:

    My sweet 2 year old is a smart cookie. He amazes us all. I eat a Mediterranean diet including while pregnant with him. Thank God for my baby.

  12. When I pregnancy come to Sugar But I eat Dit food Still Sugar not less than I don't now why

  13. Dairy products are not healthy

  14. Cow milk is awful ..scratch that

  15. @cennysworld says:

    Fatty fish
    Leafy green vegetable
    Sweet potato
    Pumpkin seeds

    Thanks for the tips ❤❤

  16. @truth3820 says:

    Raw chess harmful for fetus.

  17. Click bait. Intelligence is genetic and also based on how you raise your child. Food won’t have any effect

  18. Sorry my wife couldn't eat of them

  19. @gio4767 says:

    I am thinking right now if Einsteins mother were earing these foods…

  20. kati month paxi khadha tik hola

  21. Everything is in God's hand food is the only supplement food

  22. @ShotbyKdot says:

    Milk?? Milk is FULL of hormones for baby cows… it literally messes with YOUR own bodies hormones. If you need protein hemp seeds if you need calcium oatmilk.

  23. This is too late, i already in week 36

  24. Peaceful music to make your baby kick in womb❤

  25. Which types of food avoid during periods. Sir/man Can you please make a video of this topic. Please help me I need.

  26. Thank you for these diet mam

  27. Thanks! I need my child to be smart and intelligent, since I’m 7weeks and 6days pregnant now, going further, I’m going to eat these 11 listed food constantly.

  28. I loved milk but now even looking on it makes me nauseous I start to hate milk now

  29. @msdolly8024 says:

    Fish with high mercury should not be eaten plz

  30. very very necessaries health tips, we are going to be parents for the fisrt time after ten years of our mariage

  31. Don't worry, I take care baby very well. Only you can wait her

  32. @tsminnal says:

    You say eggs but why do you not tell that it needs to be cooked 100% throughout and should not be taken raw? Same goes for Salmon. As much as you can get pasturized milk you should warm up milk and drink when it's lukewarm.

  33. can some one tell how many almonds should we be taking during pregnancy time ?

  34. Egg
    Fatty fish
    Leafy green vegetables
    Sweet potatoes
    Pumpkin seeds

  35. Please I am 24 week gone with twins I need someone to help me with baby things

  36. @dehakratu says:

    Pregnant women should not consume cheese,all the vegetables should be cooked no salads .. my doctor gave me a book it has all these.

  37. Soaked seeds or raw seeds good for pregnant women? Please reply

  38. Today my 38th day . I thought ok we check 40th day but now I have a back pain . I really scared maybe it's periods pain 😑😔😔😔

  39. thank you im 5 months

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