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Turkish Eggs Breakfast Recipe | Only 2 Main Ingredients |

Turkish Eggs Breakfast Recipe | Only 2 Main Ingredients | turkish eggs,egg recipes,turkish recipes,breakfast recipe,egg recipe …

29 thoughts on “Turkish Eggs Breakfast Recipe | Only 2 Main Ingredients |

  1. @j.m.m6719 says:

    Can you please identify the background music?

  2. @nutmeg5 says:

    Is this Shakshuka?

  3. @BenHameen33 says:

    Only 2 ingredients! Eggs, then everything else

  4. @uranev3885 says:

    Cılbır için yumurta yağlı tavad
    a değil kaynayan suyun içinde yapılır . yumurta suyun içine bırakılırken su sürekli karıştırılır.

  5. This looks amazing! I am excited to try this!

  6. Type of green chili?

  7. @ianyoung645 says:

    Yes, two "main" ingredients, but about 7 others.

  8. @evaolah7621 says:

    Looks so good and delicious ❤

  9. I wanted to watch but the music sucks.

  10. @BKNb77 says:

    Was about to leave knowing that type of yogurt ain’t easy to find in Canada. Then the music took hold

  11. Try straining yogurt first

  12. cılbır has good taste

  13. Lovely but a lot more than 2 ingredients 😂

  14. @mezio1 says:

    A 1/2 tsp of cumin really adds a lot to the butter for flavor; usually found in this recipe. I also serve with pita bread. It is excellent.

  15. wrong information. this is not poached (çilbir) !!!!

  16. new recipe for me
    i will try

  17. this is art ,I swear to god.boy oh boy,my goodness.

  18. It turned out great 😊👏👏

  19. Excellent presentation. As an eggs lover, I can't wait to try it out. Greetings from Sri Lanka ❤

  20. @SukumarNS says:

    So beautiful so elegant just looking like a wow wow wow from India

  21. @michaelad48 says:


  22. @vkjoshi5501 says:

    Really different, beautiful, I am from Bharat🙏

  23. Really good recipe, plz applode more thank you for this

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