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It's official: Canada will become 2nd country to legalize recreational marijuana

In a landmark decision passed through Canada’s Senate, people will be allowed to use recreational marijuana beginning Oct. 17.

21 thoughts on “It's official: Canada will become 2nd country to legalize recreational marijuana

  1. All eyes on Canada! Amsterdam no more.. love & peace to Cannadis..

  2. Canada is going to have to build a wall; a BIG ONE!

  3. @drzero7 says:

    Ya know before how much people make fun of Canadian flag of the Maple Leaf kinda looking like weed? Yeah, now it's official.

  4. what are the laws there regarding where can you smoke it etc?

  5. The first batch will be called Maple Leaf.👍👍

  6. You have a choice JESUS or man. Any one who smokes this stuff is for man.

  7. @MrPjcrews says:

    Who cares what they do. It's not America

  8. Can you legalize something that isn't illegal? So basically they just decided to Capitalized in on it, Oh Cu-nanadas.

  9. @nandansho says:

    🎶😃Smoke thee weed Until me eyes Bleeed😩🎶

  10. Nobody will get a job now. All the people smoking n feelin goooood and relax.

  11. They put poor Ricky out of business Guess he can still make a profit from growing mushrooms

  12. @i-i-i8527 says:

    Congrats from the US and Colorado! 😚💨

  13. Maybe Canada & USA can smoke a Peace-Pipe together now ? Puff-puff pass ; )

  14. Time to move to Canada.

  15. @salmonline says:

    What about private cultivation?
    Are citizens allowed to grow weed at home?

  16. Just please beware of the smoking itself. Hot smoke is dangerous. Especially when repetitious. 🙂

  17. Now let's get Tennessee on board

  18. @mylesb5820 says:

    Im going to Canada

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