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How To Make Easy HOMEMADE PIE CRUST Recipe

Learn how to make perfect homemade pie crust. This easy recipe yields a flaky tender crust with a rich, buttery flavor. This pie …

47 thoughts on “How To Make Easy HOMEMADE PIE CRUST Recipe

  1. This is the FIRST recipe where my dough didn’t fall apart and it stretched out so nice! If you’ve been looking for a good dough recipe, this is it!

  2. @snipermerc says:

    My Mother always made the shortening based crust, didn't even know about the butter crust till I had it as an adult. I hated her crust lol!!!

  3. This pie crust is amazing. Thank you!!

  4. I just made your crust🎉 can't wait to make a chicken pot pie tonight.. Thank you💚

  5. @ThursdayDog says:

    Not everyone had a food processor…can you make a video of hand made pie crust please?

  6. @bries4929 says:

    What if we don’t have a food processor?

  7. Can anyone tell me if this dough freezes well?

  8. @hollykainz says:

    Not everyone owns a food processor. Otherwise, good video.

  9. So question, would this recipe work with vanilla wafer cookie fine crumbles?

  10. For how long can I store these in a fridge?

  11. @Roni-Ron says:

    I hope you at least made pasta for dinner❤

  12. Hi, Natasha. Could you please tell me, can i keep this pie crust in the freezer?

  13. anyone have a similar recipe but with weights? tia

  14. @nymphea9810 says:

    What if i dont have a food processor?

  15. I have baked for years bit have always avoided making pie crust because it never turns out. The only pie crust that worked for me is the one you make with oil and no need to roll, you just pat it in the pan. It is so flaky and delicious. I tried this recipe and was so disappointed as it was a disaster. I followed instructions completely. First if all, my food processor was too small to hold everything so I had to finish it with a pastry blender. It was a a bit dry and crumbled and fell apart. I added just half a tablespoon cold water and it didn't work. Parts were sticky, other parts crumbled and wouldn't stay together. I managed to make it into a ball and divide in half. It's in the refrigerator chilling now. I want it for banana cream pies tomorrow, but if it doesn't work, I'll have to go back to the oil recipe. 😢😢😢

  16. Natasha! Thank you so much for your AMEZING! CHICKEN POT PIE RECEIPE , I IMPROVISED WITH LEFTOVER TURKEY AND IT WAS FABULOUS! family loved it. I ordered your book for Christmas. Thanks again.

  17. Great receipe thank you so much. Just a question please, can I freeze the dough?

  18. I got stuck beacose you said it in pounds! damn you america

  19. Hi Natasha, your recipes are amazing 🎉 can I store the crust in freezer? Thank you!

  20. I tried this recipe today making 3 turkey pot pies and the crust was awesome. Easy to make… 🙂

  21. If you want to make this crust and bake it empty, for example, to use for banana cream pie or any cild filling, how ling would you prebake this? What temperature, what degrees? Using weights or dry rice for dry baking? Thankyou

  22. Is a food processor necessary or will a blender also work?

  23. Can i leave it in the fridge overnight?

  24. Love you. I mean love this. Question, can I follow this even without the processor? Novice baker here.

  25. I have always wanted to make pie crust and I had always thought Maaannn, that’s toooo difficult!!!
    Your recipe looks very simple and your energy gave me the confidence to go ahead and make it and OMG soooooo Great I made your chicken pot pie recipe and Wow, WoW my family was sooo impressed by how everything came out they LOVED it❤
    Now is on our weekly dinner MUST Claim!!!
    🙏Thank You sooo much love all your videos and your energy!!!!😊

  26. It’s not only just the amazing recipes you share but also your personality. So beautiful inside out. Keeping being YOU❤

  27. Can i store this dough in fridge or freezer long term? Im thinking maybe, making a bunch and leaving it for whenever the desire for pie comes up later on.

  28. You saved me!!! Thanksgiving Eve 11:30 pm, & realized my pumpkin pie didn't have sugar in it. Ugh!! Had everything but the pie crust. This crust will be much more appealing anyway. So easy & fast & in the fridge to remake pies in the morning. Thank you!!!!! ❤

  29. Is it 6 or 7 TBSP of ice water? Video says six, recipe says 7…

  30. I added 5 tips instead of 6 and I had a hard time my dough kept breaking apart but I see it work

  31. She is really cute and adorable!

  32. Okay, but what if I don't have a food processor?😢

  33. Can I use this recipe with whole wheat flour??

  34. Any way to do this without a food processor? Don’t have one big enough 😢

  35. Do you have a pecan pie recipe

  36. Do you bake your crust before using filling?

  37. How far an advance can this pie crust be made

  38. I can use a Kitchenaide Mixer to make this..can’t I?

  39. Thanks I appreciate this. Straight to the point without content filler.

  40. @1lewright says:

    Is this for one pie with topping?

  41. Two sticks of butter!

  42. I don't have a food processor will a blender work?

  43. Can I still do this without a food processor?

  44. If I freeze one of the dough disks, when it is time to defrost it to use it, I am assuming to put it in the fridge up to a day ahead of when I would need it. Is this assumption correct?

  45. Natasha's Kitchen is my go to and loving your videos! Great presentation and great wit!

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