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Florida's leaders have high hopes for legal recreational marijuana in 2020

Multiple efforts are underway to make legalized recreational marijuana a key issue in Florida next year. There are a handful of …

31 thoughts on “Florida's leaders have high hopes for legal recreational marijuana in 2020

  1. @thebert5000 says:

    This will happen in 2024 Florida rec

  2. Make it legal everywhere except Duval county!!!!!!!

  3. @elvin4648 says:

    Show me where to vote or sign please?

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  5. @MzTeeL says:

    It’s not on the ballot 🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. Currently Florida one oz weed up to 1 year in jail. New York-$50 civil fine these liberals! …….

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  8. We need that home cult on the bill…. Everything will be lovely then


  10. @XllllllllX- says:

    Hell no they bout to tax us, I’ll stick to da plug fo da low

  11. @AyoBrandoh says:

    So Florida just has "leaders" now. that kind of makes sense they are their own thing.

  12. @jahsun8462 says:

    They have to pass the recreation bill into law. It costs $275 every 7 months. The price of the medicine is through the roof. Poor people go to jail for medicating while the rich puff away, shame!

  13. Fully legal means I can grow pot in my backyard, anything less than that is not fully legal, my wife has multiple sclerosis and I can't afford these exorbitant prices that the Florida dispensaries charge, they should be ashamed of themselves charging sick people ridiculously high prices.

  14. If you vote out the Republicans you'll have a great state


  16. Legalization will help Florida in so many ways.

  17. That is mess up they're taken it away from the people and the one with deep pockets is making sure we can't get in but as long as it is legal I will be growing my own business I don't trust big business when it's come to that even food and water because of GMO what you think is next if they get in on this

  18. Its medical here in Baltimore Md! Recreational should be next!

  19. The sound doesn't play when i plug headphones in. I legit thought there was something wrong with my headphones until i unplugged it. What happened?

  20. I would think that Florida was to be first to make it legalized!!!!!!👍🏼💯🥂

  21. Before we got legal in Cali, there was lots of hype, trying to scare people. Tales of stoned drivers, dentists etc. Guess what happened when it became legal? Not much really. No large increase in dui's, no stoned doctors making mistakes, literally no difference, except the cops could concentrate on real crime.

  22. Old Bible beaters that don't even read the good book I love the Lord he made the pot for us ! Free the Weed

  23. Research the connection between Harry J Anslinger and William R Hearst’s yellow journalism and you will find out the source of cannabis prohibition.

  24. That plant nos pertenece por naturaleza, Dios nos las regaló y ustedes no las quieren vender.

  25. seconf video that i only hear from my left head set only lol

  26. Cuz medical marijuana patients want to grow they won't let us so we're making it Recreation

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