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Easy Air Fryer Potatoes #easyrecipe #recipe #dinner

12 thoughts on “Easy Air Fryer Potatoes #easyrecipe #recipe #dinner

  1. To bad you don’t tell people to parboil first!

  2. you probably wont see this comment but do you have any simple camp recipes?

  3. @Ultrean says:

    🍟 Yum! I love airfried potatoes. They always come out so crispy and delicious! 😋

  4. Don't see much from him anymore..hope he's doing well

  5. @Crownful says:

    🤤 Yum! Airfried potatoes are my guilty pleasure! Perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside 😍 Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my keyboard…🤤

  6. Bo! You just got a sub!

  7. Do you need to boil the potatoes beforehand?

  8. What air fryer do you use?

  9. So where do you list the seasonings on your recipes? Doesn’t apply to this one but I’ve watched several of your videos and wondered where the seasonings were listed😉TIA

  10. Looks damn good….been wanting to try this and I'm sure I will now! Great job!!

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