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47 thoughts on “5min Home BIGGER LEGS Workout (DUMBBELLS ONLY LEG ROUTINE!!)

  1. @delta_f7124 says:

    Freddy Mercury teachin me how to get big legs on youtube

  2. @Zenfinn says:

    My knees hurt when I do this and I don’t know whether that’s supposed to happen or not

  3. i don't normally feel nauseous after a workout but this did it.

  4. Great glute workout! Idk why you downplay that.

  5. Holy shit, so simple yet so hard 😬

  6. @rory.n252 says:

    first time doing this shit three times!!! lets goooo!

  7. @jediae says:

    i don’t have dumbells

  8. What modifications do you suggest for the jump squats?

  9. How many times a week you do this workout?

  10. Who is the consuela you hired to clean that carpet???😱 Oh yes … Great video! 🏋

  11. With those light weights I’ll never see any results. I’m using 45lbs and seeing results for my skinny legs. How is bending over building up the legs?? Get rid of the 70s gay porno star ‘stache you’ll look better and more serious. Just saying for a friend 😀

  12. Does this work out your glutes too

  13. I did this routine 3 times and my legs were on fire! These workouts are great.

  14. awesome! Doing this workout.

  15. Man looks like a barbarian from clash of clans

  16. @shemteo5010 says:

    Hi man love your videos. I'm wondering if you have any leg exercise routines for those with weak/painful knees

  17. The fuck with that face hair

  18. Some workouts require him to concentrate on his breathing and talking can throw that off……this one is quick and simple….he tries to move from one to the other without much delay which makes the exercise much more effective.

  19. @jayray7519 says:

    Murderous … I’m a fan. The simplicity of this is beautiful and fun. Back in the saddle

  20. @Pachos524 says:

    Whats the lbs in those dumbbells ???

  21. When ever I first started doing these exercises I couldn’t walk the next day 😂

  22. When you have strict parents so you can’t do the jumping squats

  23. @Angel-vl4pt says:

    12 deadlift with pause
    20 goblet squats
    8 squat jumps
    20 DB swings
    15 3sec negative deadlifts
    1-3 rounds

  24. 12 deadlifts with pause

    20 goblet squats

    8 jumping deadlifts

    20 db swings

    15 3 sec stuff deadlifts

  25. All he needs is blonde moustache and hair and he’s a legit barbarian from coc

  26. Should this workout cause lower back pain or am I doing the exercises wrong?

  27. will this stunt my growth

  28. What's the difference between a Stiff Deadlift and a Romanian Deadlift?

  29. Is it normal for my lower back to get sore during the workout???

  30. Just get addicted to cycling

  31. You gotta be desiel to make work videos!! Everybody and their Grandma is coming out with these workout videos!!

  32. Can you prepare an exercise for the glutes?

  33. Don't forget to put supporters!! Cheers.

  34. @a.a.6203 says:

    Can you do a video about whey proteins and their types please, I want to start taking them because I'm getting tired of cooking 2 kilos of chicken breasts every week 😅

  35. I love ur workouts they are quick and to the point no bs ! The results I’m seeing in just 2 months are amazing can’t wait to see myself this summer 🔥

  36. Good Workout
    Very effective 👍

  37. Silva here, proud of you tanner great to see you doing so well on youtube, still remember the days killing it at sjam keep up the good work dude.

  38. Woah! Tanner you’re looking great. I watched the whole video in bed abs wasn’t even working out lol! That’s how great you’re looking, daddy!

  39. Ngl, you're rocking that handlebar moustache

  40. Maybe doing that 10 times a day 6 days a week.

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