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20 MIN BOOTY PUMP Workout – No Equipment, Target Your Glutes – Low Impact – Home Workout

SWEAT & SHRED 2022 #BOOTY PUMP! 20 min home workout to strengthen and tone that BOOTY! No equipment needed!

48 thoughts on “20 MIN BOOTY PUMP Workout – No Equipment, Target Your Glutes – Low Impact – Home Workout

  1. Hey team who’s keen to work their booty with me? Ready to feel stronger? 🔥 I hope you like it, I really loved filming it 💜 Anna x

  2. i tried this, im 16 and it was really really hard, beginner also, what do you recommend?

  3. Omfg, Anna, i just found you… and you're about to help me fix all my post knee replacement hip stability issues, wahooooooo 💪😁💪😁💪😁

  4. @O.Kristina says:

    Це було дуже тяжко,але я це зробила💪🏼.Не буду лукавити,що іноді робила невеличкі перерви,але все одно я горда тим,що щмогла зробити тренування.Велике дякую за таке круте та інтенсивне тренування 💪🏼🙌🏼🫂

  5. If I do this daily how long until results

  6. I love the workouts where we don't repeat the first half, goes by soo fast and so enjoyable! 💜

  7. If I do this Daily how long until results

  8. Anyone satisfied with brand "rockerz" booty bands? Jemand zufrieden mit seine booty bands ( textiel) ?
    Andere empfehlungen zum mini band /booty band?

  9. @Palmpyper says:

    Back pain is killing me 😢😅

  10. @IsraMazigh says:

    U have grat workout but it IS too difficult for teenagers Can u do a workout for teenagers 15/16 yrs old

  11. This workout is the best booty workout I’ve done yet but I literally couldn’t finish it cause I were already dead halfway through haha

  12. I'm dead thank you great workout

  13. Perfect! Thank you very much❤

  14. Does this actually grow your glutes?

  15. So challenging but i love it! I do it at least once a week 🔥🔥🔥

  16. I hate leg days😭😭

  17. @ChinglTb says:

    How often this workout can be done in a week?

  18. This workout kicked my booty but worth the sweat 😓

    Smoothie time to feed the muscles!!!

  19. Finally a booty workout that reaaally burns 🔥

  20. So loved the burn on this one😅😊

  21. Does it reduce waist size?

  22. My first wkout with u! Amazing girly!!🎉😂❤😢😅

  23. @mandira1494 says:

    Do these workouts make ur booty bigger?

  24. Hello, how many times a week should I do this Workout?

  25. @Mamta22xx says:

    Booty on fire indeed. This was the BEST glutes workout ever

  26. @martta7766 says:

    How often should I do this workout to see results? 🥰

  27. 5:24 You know you can just … you know TELL the viewer beforehand that this is coming

  28. @dusterlover says:

    my legs were shaking sm after this😂😂😂

  29. @angel.G says:

    Let's start!
    I'll do every other day

  30. @rachaelwork says:

    I’ve done this workout SO many times and it never fails to make by booty burn! Such an effective glute workout in a short time frame. LOVE your workouts Anna ❤🎉😊

  31. @7bodygLove says:

    Growingannanas…your workouts are the best! Thank you!

  32. No men will ever make me shake as much as this workout did

  33. How’s this low impact haha

  34. I know they say guys are only into building upper body muscle, but I personally love building my legs, butt especially 😅 to fill up my jeans, lol. Plus my boo loves a rounded butt. This workout was especially helpful. 💪 🍑

  35. O-M-G 😵 I think I died a little, you are a beast. I don't think I have ever cursed at you as much as I just did 💕

  36. @ashlyn5744 says:

    holy crap why does the single leg hold up burn so bad

  37. @teakate1659 says:

    Omg this was torture

  38. @scar4813 says:

    I am just now starting in the gym but looking forward to the day that I can get through this whole work out 😃

  39. @athild4491 says:

    brutal, thank you (:

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